Why I Believe Travel Is Incredibly Valuable As A Young Adult
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Why I Believe Travel Is Incredibly Valuable As A Young Adult

Grab those travel opportunities while you still can.

Why I Believe Travel Is Incredibly Valuable As A Young Adult
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As a college student, study abroad opportunities and internships are popping up constantly. Young people, more often than not, tend to stay where they feel more comfortable and only stay exposed to what they know.

I for one, as an only child, have always vetoed the idea of studying abroad in fears of my parents missing me too much, missing out on what happens during the school year, and being too far away from home. Another idea I usually have vetoed is an internship across the country or ones that again are too far away from home.

After much consideration and a weekend spent with very influential people, I have fully changed my mind on both of these topics and now advocate for all young adults that studying abroad and internships far away from home are the best possible experiences to have while one can still have them - and here is why.

I was raised to be afraid, wary, and protective of myself, which are all good things, although they can sound bad. When I am walking alone, you can always catch me looking over my shoulder many times to make sure that I am safe and alone. When I hop into my car, I always glance into the backseat to make sure my car is empty, and just me. When I am out in public, I am always clutching my bag to my body to make sure no one can possibly steal it. Obviously, I was raised to make sure I am always 100% safe, which is something I value and appreciate. But, at the same time, it was something that made me nervous to branch out and try new things.

I recently heard about some experiences a close friend of my family's had studying abroad during a semester of school, and interning for an office across the country - both things I never thought I would be interested in because I might be too afraid and worried about myself.

I now realize that travel offers some amazing once in a lifetime opportunities that need to be snatched up as soon as they can.

Studying abroad as a college student, no matter how much one think he or she may miss out, is always the way to go. Living and studying in a different country is an experience that not many people have, so if you have the chance, you should always take it. I believe that this travel to a different country offers incredible independence, even greater than what you might experience during your typical college experience. Every weekend abroad can offer you with a new country, a new city, and a new place to visit, all within one semester. I can't put into words the excitement I have to hopefully study abroad next year.

Another thing travel offers is to work and intern in a new city or state that you are unfamiliar with and can learn about. I have looked into applying for an internship across the country, and after researching, I could not be more exciting. Thinking about living in a city different from the city I attend college in and the city I live in excites me - as if it is a domestic study abroad for a few weeks in the summer.

Living in a different place, whether it be abroad or simply a few states over, can offer such valuable experiences, especially as a young adult and college student, that need to be seized while they can. I am lucky to have realized the advantages of studying abroad or working away from home, and what I can learn about myself, and about other places from these experiences.

I hope that with this personal story I have influenced young adults to research both of these amazing opportunities available to college students, and take advantage of the world we have right in front of us.

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