For those that don't know about this new viral challenge, here is your chance to get on board. Although this challenge has been around since 2015, #trashtag caught wind when the original Facebook post went viral in the beginning of March.

This challenge is all about picking up the natural world around us. All you do is take a photo of an area that needs some cleaning or maintenance, then take another once you've done something about it, and share a post about it.

It all started with two photos and a caption addressing all the "bored teens" out there and now people all around the world are doing their part by picking up trash and disposing of it properly.

Byron Román

As mentioned previously, this challenge was created in 2015 in California and was sponsored by UCO and everyone who did their part was offered a chance to win a free piece of outdoor gear. Since then, the UCO Trashtag Project has ceased but luckily this new challenge is restating momentum.

Being raised in the time that I was, social media has been a big part of my life. I've seen the dumb challenges like the Kylie Lip Challenge, to the dangerous ones such as the Fire Challenge and the Tide Pod Challenge, so this one offers a nice change of pace.

Trash and garbage effects just about everywhere at this point. If you live on the planet formally known as Earth, you have a problem with trash, and it's quickly becoming one of our biggest problems. It's time we start doing everything we can about it.

I'm not exactly sure if that original post was supposed to be a sarcastic pinch at those other much more stupid, much more dangerous viral challenges, but I will say I am pleasantly surprised that it is catching wind.

It's time for some more challenges like this one.