There have been many hard decisions that I have had to make such as deciding if I wanted to go to an all girls school from middle and high school. Or deciding what college I wanted to go to. But this decision is the hardest. The decision is that I will be transferring next fall to Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut.

My current school that I am at now is wonderful in many ways but it is just not the right fit for me. I need more social activities, especially on the weekends. The academics, students, and faculty and staff are amazing and I will miss all of my friends that I have made.

It was the most difficult to tell my friends that I have made during my freshman year here at Regis College. It was also hard to tell some of the faculty and staff that I have gotten to know and like very nice. I have had so many memories that I have from Regis, and some of the traditions I will miss. But until its the last day of classes I am going to enjoy the remaining time that I have left here and do some fun activities hopefully.

But you know what? College isn't all about academics it also about having a good social life and hanging out with friends. But you know what no school will be perfect and have everything that I want. I cannot wait to see what Sacred Heart University has in store for me.

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