Dear Gop: I Will Not Be Erased
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Dear GOP, As A Transgender Person, I Refuse To Be Erased

So you want to define transgender people out of existence?


Ah, the GOP. My old life-long friends and companions. I enjoy your presence in my life just as I enjoy a red, bulging zit on my forehead. You've been a pain in my ass ever since I made the radical notion that people deserve to be treated with basic respect.

Yes, even those pesky immigrants that are stealing your jobs and gay people that are ruining your marriages. They deserve human rights, too.

When I say this administration can't get any lower, that isn't meant to be a goddamn challenge.

You're at the bottom of the pit of despicableness, and instead of trying to climb your way out of it, you call in the boys to grab you an industrial-sized shovel and keep digging. "How far can we dig this week, fellas?" You cry out, "Oh! I know! Let's try to strip nearly 1.4 million Americans of their basic human rights!"

You really are something else.

You seriously think with this new bill that transgender people are just going to go away? They're just going to stop existing? Stop bothering you?

Do you think me and my trans brothers, sisters, and siblings are going to just lay down while you throw our rights into the raging dumpster fire that you've made of The White House?

That's the funniest thing I've heard this week.

Ha ha ha.

"Sex means a person's status as male or female based on immutable biological traits identifiable by or before birth," you say. Well, I say it's time to wake up and get your head out of your ass because that claim has been scientifically disproven time and time and time again.

You are wrong. Your facts are not supported by science. You're just an asshole.

I have spent the last decade of my life in absolute agony over who I am. I have spent the last decade looking at myself with a hatred you and your little cisgender buddies will never have the capability of understanding.

Now, after finding out I'm transgender, I finally have happiness. I have a game plan to be the best me I possibly can be. I have my own pursuit of happiness.

And you think you can just TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME?

You absolutely have another thing coming. I finally have a happiness that you've taken for granted all your life. You will have to pry this from my hands kicking and screaming.

Hate to break it to you old buddies, but us trans folks are not just going to disappear into thin air. Nothing you can or will say is going to stop us from existing and existing loudly.

When the news spread, we protested and we fought and we screamed all across the states. Trans rights are human rights. You can try and take away our right to live all you want, we will not lay down and let you take it.

There will always be opposition. There will always be people fighting. You have sparked an outrage, my dear GOP, an outrage that won't be quiet for a long, long time.

In case I haven't made it extremely clear to you:


We will continue to protest and fight and scream. We will live. We will thrive.

We will exist whether you like it or not.

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