17 Things You'll Only Understand if You're a Cancer
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17 Thoughts Cancers Can Totally Attest To

*Cries for 30 minutes then eats an entire pizza*

17 Thoughts Cancers Can Totally Attest To

Having your Zodiac sign be Cancer is both really crazy and really rewarding. I should know because I am a Cancer. (DOB- 7/8)

1. First off, your sign reminds people of well...something horrible

You might as well say "Oh yeah, I'm an Altimeter's."

2. And The Actual Symbol (When Turned On Its Side), Becomes a Rather Notorious Number…)

IT'S A 69!

3. BUT… You Are One of the Most Nurturing Signs of the Zodiac

You are definitely the mom/dad of your friend group

4. And You Certainly Have the Biggest Imagination

You're imagination and creativity makes you dreamer, but one capable of bringing those dreams to life.

5. You’re Great in Relationships

6. Because You’re Understanding

7. Although You’re EXTREMELY Emotional

DEFINITELY the most out of all the other signs

8. So You Tend To Be VERY Moody

You can be laughing in the morning and crying at night.

9. BUT You’re Fiercely Loyal

When you find someone or something you love, you NEVER leave it, period.

10. And You’re Intuitive You Can Read People Like A Book

You can always tell when someone just isn't feeling right.

11. You’re SUPER Sensitive

12. So You Cry...More Than Most

I used Mr. Krabs here because the symbol for Cancer is a crab, so yeah.

13. You Love your Friends and Family Above All Else

You are very protective of your family and friends, you would die for them if need be.

14. Except Maybe Food

There's no separating you and your food, EVER.

15. And Your ME Time

You value your time alone to treat yo' self so much that when you don't get a certain amount of ME time, you go ballistic.

16. It Doesn't Matter If You're Incredibly Emotional...

This quote pretty much sums up your life.

17. Because You Treat All You Encounter With Love and Tenderness

You have a lot of love in your heart, and you give it freely. There's no one more loyal, devoted, or understanding than you.

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