The Tragedies We Face Today

The Horrifying Reality That Is Our World Today.

How accustomed we've become to tragedy and sadness...


It is more dangerous than ever to be alive in today's society, presumably even more than during widespread war and times of hardship. Simply living and breathing in our world today can be dangerous and even deadly.

These thoughts are coming from the tragic news of the USC senior that was murdered on March 29th while just trying to get home from a night out. Being a female college senior myself, I was shaken and devastated to see this headline and even more horrified to read the details of the tragedy. Why did this happen? What made him choose her? What did she do to deserve this? Frantic wonderings continue to swirl in my mind as I recall all the times I have ubered home from a night out. Granted, I have never ubered alone but I know people that have, and it's not a foreign concept to college students or anyone in today's technologically advanced and modern society.

Uber is supposed to be a safe and efficient way of traveling, and many regard it as highly trustworthy. Why is it that we have to assume that the car that pulls up and acts as the uber driver is lying? Why would someone lie about this and decide instead to end someone's beautiful and meaningful life? Where has our world gone wrong to face murder and hateful acts against innocent people?

Since our world has become more advanced and technology has taken more control, there have been a surge of tragedies like this one occurring. It has brought light to the precautions we, as members of this dangerous society, need to take in order to stay safe. However, these are a different type of precautions. Things like do not go anywhere alone, always hold your drink, never walk at night, and never leave belongings exposed. Yes, these are safety measures, but why do we even need to emphasize their importance? Why are these deadly if not followed?

You shouldn't have to look over your shoulder with fear of being attacked, or constantly question the merit of everyone you speak to, or assume all strangers are dangerous. But we do. We have to. If we don't, things like this will happen. It is sickening and heartbreaking that this tragedy struck such a beautiful soul who had so many loved ones and a bright future ahead.

This story struck so close to home for me and my friends being in the same stage of our lives. My heart is unbearably heavy for Samantha Josephson and her grieving family, friends, classmates, and peers.

I think our world needs to change. I think something needs to be done to stop this and similar situations. If nothing changes, everyone's faith in society and the good that exists will dissipate. As a single person, all I can do is spread kindness and do my part to keep myself and those close to me safe. If everyone does the same, our world will be a much safer and happier place.

A change needs to be made.

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