25 Toys We Used To Play With

25 Toys We Used To Play With

Sometimes, we kind of wish we still were playing with them.

Do you remember your childhood toys? I'm talking to the 90s kids especially. Well, these 25 toys might bring up some pretty awesome memories. They may also make you want to be a child again so you can play with them.

1. Lite-Brites

This is the game that you would stick the little plastic pegs into holes, make a design, then turn the lights off to see your masterpiece.

2. Water Snake Toys

You never knew the name of these suckers growing up.

3. Silly Putty

Putting it on newspapers to get words on your Putty was always the best.

4. Robot Dog

For some of us, this was the closest thing to a pet we were allowed to have.

5. Troll Dolls

It seemed like no matter where you went, everyone had at least one. Even the doctor's office.

6. Furbies

So, apparently these things are making a comeback? I wouldn't mind owning another one...or six.

7. Sky Dancers

Nothing super spectacular about these, but you had at least half a dozen of them, anyway. I'm pretty sure McDonald's was giving them out as Happy Meal toys once.

8. Velcro Ball and Catch

This was pretty fun...until the dog found the ball. Then it kind of wasn't.

9. Tamagotchi

Taught you more responsibility than you were probably ready for.

10. Pogo Ball

I don't know how many of my friends broke an arm because of these.

11. Socker Boppers

I'll be honest, I never had these. But I had friends that did. They were fun.

12. Water Ring Toss Game

This was what we had in the car. Not iPhones or the latest gadgets.

13. Magic Mic

We had a Magic Mic before there was Magic Mike. And we rocked it like a boss.

14. Easy Bake Oven

The nastiest brownies I ever had came from this oven. Either they were way too over done, or they wouldn't bake. And when it did work, you never had enough goods to last.

15. Bop-It

Let's face it, this taught you how to better channel your frustration.

16. Snap/Slap Bracelets

Siblings wouldn't wear these, they would just take turns hitting each other with them.

17. The Tape Player

Even though you would refuse to admit it, you would still sing into this when you were older...as long as no one was around.

18. Barbie's

We all had that aunt/grandma/mom that tried making you keep some unopened for "your" collection. But as soon as you were alone, that box would 'somehow' open.

19. G.I. Joe Action Figures

And you were punched if you ever confused these with playing with dolls.

20. Moon Shoes

Did these even work?

21. Sticky Hands

I'm pretty sure these are still around. Maybe it's because I don't have kids, but I feel like these used to be way more popular.

22. View Master Projector

I remember pretending to be a psychiatrist with my cousin. Every time I pulled the lever I would ask, "Tell me. What do you see." Then proceed to nod and pretend to write down whether she was crazy or not. ...Now I feel like the crazy one.

23. Beanie Babies

These were some of the best items to trade with classmates. These were also my fave because you could never have too many of them. It was also fun to try and find the "limited editions."

24. Simon Says

Another instrument that taught you how to handle frustration. You also learned how to memorize color patterns.

25. Skip-It

Basically a more painful version of jump-rope.

Cover Image Credit: msecnd.net

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