25 Toys Every Millennial Girl Will Remember Stuffing Into Her Toys 'R' Us (RIP) Shopping Cart

25 Toys Every Millennial Girl Will Remember Stuffing Into Her Toys 'R' Us (RIP) Shopping Cart

Let's remember the iconic toys we bought from Toys "R" Us that will never, ever be forgotten... like, ever.

That's right, folks, Toys "R" Us is closing — all across the nation. While we hold a moment of silence for the closing of literally every millennial girl's favorite toy store, let's remember the iconic toys we bought from Toys "R" Us that will never, ever be forgotten... like, ever.

1. Video Now

Before iPhones and iPads, we had VideoNows, and they were the best thing ever. Literally. You could watch color tv on a six-inch screen from the back of your mom's car — it didn't get much better than that.

2. Furby

Furbies! Who knows why we actually loved these things, because, to be honest, they're kind of scary looking, but hey, we'll never forget spending way too long picking out which color we wanted in Toys "R" Us.

3. Tamagotchi

We could barely pronounce the word "Tamagotchi," but we never failed to take care of our virtual, well, whatever they were.

4. iDogs

I mean, we couldn't possibly play our music through regular speakers. Only these head-bobbing Idogs were fit to play our latest Hannah Montana jams.

5. Floam

Probably one of the weirder things we shopped the aisles for, but hey, we couldn't be seen with Play-Doh — that was peasant's play.

6. Pixel Chix

In retrospect, these things were actually REALLY annoying and didn't have an "off button." You had to wait a solid 10 minutes before it would turn off by itself, and if you didn't visit her for like a day, she got super angry. There's probably a reason my mom only bought me one of these things...

7. Lite Brite

Lite Brite was literally the best, especially if you were like me and had an art skill level of like negative 500 — this made you feel sort of artsy.

8. Polly Pocket

When your mom let you go into the Polly Pocket aisle, it was basically a second birthday.

9. Trolls

OK, admittedly, kind of scary looking, but they were all the rage with their colored hair and all.

10. Easy Bake Oven

The item we all looked at longingly as we walked down the aisles — if only our parents would buy it for us, we'd totally be a gourmet chef in no time.

11. Skip It

Just don't mess up because then, you felt the stinging pain of the totally not kid-friendly plastic this thing was made of.

12. Beanie Babies

Please, Mom, I definitely need Beanie Baby number 50.

13. Digi Draw

Remember your lack of art skills from number seven? Yeah, this was another way you tricked people into thinking you had art skills — you traced those pictures like there was no tomorrow.

14. My Little Pony

Were these things really magical? Who knows! But, they were all the rave — that aisle was a danger zone.

15. Doodle Bear

The thing that kept you from drawing on things you shouldn't have...

16. Bratz Dolls

And then you questioned why you weren't allowed to dress like this...

17. My Scene Dolls

I'll never understand why they didn't have real feet, though. Literally — their feet didn't exist — they had pop on shoes.

18. Barbie Cash Register

I also thought that being a cashier was going to be my lifetime career because I was just so darn good at making change for Barbie.

19. Barbie Train

If you couldn't talk Mom into the dream house, this was the next closest thing. Barbie went places on this train that no one should ever have to go on a train.

20. Barbie Car

And, if the train was a no go, you AT LEAST had to have her car. This is the reason why my "dream car" used to be a VW Bug...

21. Lincoln Logs

Lincoln Logs were how every girl proved she could hang with the boys.

22. Littlest Pet Shop

And if you had a real pet, the last thing your parents really wanted to buy you was a bunch of tiny plastic ones, but they did it anyway.

23. Water Wigglies

I mean, I'm not sure what the point of these was, but they were extremely cool.

24. Care Bears

They were cute, cuddly and had names that promoted good values! Plus, they're so cute.

25. Voice Password Diary

I mean, no one could find out you thought Mark who sat next to you in math class was cute.

Cover Image Credit: Princess Ella's World / YouTube

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In middle school, our plans were molded based on our friends and whatever was cool at the time. Eventually, we went to high school and this question became serious, along with some others: “What are your plans for college?” “What are you going to major in?” “When do you think you’ll get married?” “Are you going to stay friends with your friends?” We are bombarded with these questions we are supposed to have answers to, so we start making plans.

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My friend, it is going to be OK.

Cover Image Credit: Megan Beavers Photography

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I'm Not Feelin' 22, But I'll Make The Most Of It

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Birthdays are all about being the center of attention, - birthday wishes from friends and family, and celebrating another milestone in your life. People go out of their way to buy party favors, set up parties, and buy gifts just to make someone feel special on their birthday. However, some people dread their special day because of anxiety and depression. This past weekend was my 22ndbirthday, and although I'm usually excited for my birthday, this was the birthday I had been dreading.

Birthdays are inevitable. Once you reach past the age of 21, everything seems to go downhill, or at least I think so. Once I realized I was going to be 22 last Sunday, I realized the new responsibilities and norms that come with turning this age. I am a Junior at the University of Arizona, should be a senior, and most of my friends are younger than me. With most of my friends graduating this year at the age of 22, I can't help but feel bad that I will be graduating at the age of 23. After being at a large university for three years, I have felt "behind" because of my age and academic standing. Being the oldest of my friends brings a sense of anxiety out in me and pressure that I should be graduated by now.

Another issue I have with birthdays at this age is the expectation of certain milestones that I have not accomplished yet. With social media being such a large part of our society today, seeing so many different people on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posting pictures of what they are doing every second of the day, it's hard not to feel bad if you are not up to par with others lives. Some people are having babies, while others are going to medical school, where do I fit in?

Although birthdays bring some sense of negativity to me, I think that they should be celebrated in a positive light. My best friend, Colleen, knew I was feeling down about my birthday and wanted to help me feel better about turning the big 2-2. She bought balloons, silly string, and letter banners just to decorate our apartment to make me feel excited about the day. She bought me the most unique presents that only a best friend would know I would have wanted. At the end of the day, we went to my favorite restaurant and with the help of Colleen, my day had turned around.

While you may catch the birthday blues at some point in your lifetime, there are ways to change your attitude on the day. You may hear from someone from the past wishing you a happy birthday that can make you smile, or receive a gift from a family or friend that you had your eye on in the store and they knew you had to have it. Don't compare yourself to others when it comes to birthday plans, live the day how you would like and spend it with the people that matter most to you.

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