Highs and lows are a normal part of life. There are always going to be fluctuations in your day because nothing is permanent even if you like to think that it will be. With that being said, it is still challenging to accept the unexpected moments in life despite whether these unexpected moments are highs or lows; there is always the potential for plans to commence in a way that you could never have predicted and realizing this is intimidating, yet freeing.

What is even more challenging than the mere act of accepting the unexpected moments is realizing that people and your relationships with those people also have the potential to unfold in a manner that you never expected. Once again, your relationships can bring about experiences that are either deemed as positive or negative and sometimes in ways that you never had anticipated.

While we all want our friends, family, and partners to be relentlessly supportive of our choices and empathetically understanding of our feelings, reality has proven, again and again, that this is not always the case. Sometimes, the people that we trust the most do not stick around when we need them to the most. This can be frustratingly difficult and initially adds to the feelings of negativity that are already being experienced due to the adverse event being worked through.

However, when others turn away, that only means you are able to find those who are equipped to stick around for you because they do truly care about you.

The support, acceptance, and enthusiasm will undoubtedly glean genuine authenticity when it comes from the right source. Not every person you encounter will be able to provide the uplifting positivity that is best for you; that is perfectly OK to realize, acknowledge, and then move on from. This is also important in highlighting who you can identify to be there for you at your best times and also at your worst.

Understanding that every individual handles their life experiences differently and that the standards for highs and lows are unique for each person is imperative to creating a more empathetic, inclusive world. It also solidifies your support to those who you wish to remain closest to. Recently, I have experienced that the friends, family, and partners who choose to make an effort to stick around while you are experiencing a low point are truly the most valuable relationships in your life. Their dedication and effort to show you that they care is incredibly valuable.

While I would never wish a negative experience on anybody, I also know that these moments are inevitable. It is comforting to know that there are some positive aspects can occur from a negative experience.

And of those aspects, one of the most meaningful is realizing who is truly there for you before, during, and after that tough time.