You Are Not Alone
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You Are Not Alone

Just know you are not alone.

You Are Not Alone

Just last night...well, actually the whole day yesterday it hit me that I was starting college the next day (which is today already) .. I started stressing out, crying from the stress, thinking negatively and so on..which basically sums up that my day and night was not too great yesterday. I realized that I was stressing and crying and freaking out for no reason. Everyone has tough days and nights. No one can change that. But what you can change, is the way you think about things, the way you evaluate life, and the way you set your mindset. It's always been tough for me to think positive. I don't know why but it just has been. I always over think and start freaking out over the smallest things, or even the biggest ones. But those biggest things in life aren't even something that will happen soon.

They are things that will happen in the far future. I tell myself to always think positive, and then maybe I will start having a positive mindset. Ever since last night I decided to force myself to write little notes into my college notebook such as "I will succeed," "I will accomplish my goals," and "I will graduate college and become successful in life." They might seem funny and you might think well, how will writing things affect the way I think? How will having a positive attitude and mindset affect how I act and handle things in life? It will help you by waking up and going to sleep not only in a good mood but it will make you feel good as well. You won't be so negative and upset all the time. There is NO need to over react and stress and cry over things that haven't even occurred yet. If you are thinking with a mindset of "what if" then you should change that and say positive things to yourself. For example, last night all I was telling myself was "what if I don't graduate college," and "what if I don't get my dream job." All of those things are perfect examples of how to ruin a mindset, and how to bring yourself down. Everyone has tough times so know that you are not alone. If you are suffering and are upset about something just think about someone else out there also going through the same thing you are. Like I always tell myself, hard things don't come out easy in life. You have to work for them. Without the hard work, how will you get somewhere that you want to be? Work with that and put in all the hard work you can. Afterwards you will look back and thank yourself and feel amazing with the progress and work you put into that something you wanted to achieve. What other better feeling is out there than that?

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