Top Three Places To Visit In Florence, Italy

Top 3 Places to Visit in Florence, Italy

It's impossible to tour the whole city in one day, but if you are limited on time these three places are absolute musts to visit!

Alexandra Michalski

Florence is one of Italy's treasures. With some buildings frozen in time and others full of modern-day wonders, it's a surprise that it's not more popular with tourists. However, if you are planning on a trip to Firenze, these are three places you need to make sure you see before you say ciao!

The David

Sorry about the genitalia, but that's art for ya!

Alexandra Michalski

Perhaps the most famous statue in the world, The David is absolutely breathtaking to see in person. PRO TIP: If you want to see this bad boy up and personal make sure you go to the evening hours offered by the Accademia. There are way fewer people and you can spend as much time as you'd like just observing this art!

The Duomo

Florentines don't get homesick, they get domesick.

Alexandra Michalski

The Duomo is at the central heart of Florence. If you ever get lost just look for the big red dome and it will guide you home. PRO TIP: Don't wait in the five-hour long line to step inside. Instead, get timed tickets to climb the dome! The line is much shorter and the views up there are absolutely breathtaking! As a bonus, you still get to see the inside of the church, although from a higher viewpoint.

The Uffizi

Good luck getting a picture without tourists flocking in front of it.

Alexandra Michalski

This art museum is home to some of the most beautiful art in the world! From the Birth of Venus to Caravaggio's Medusa, this museum has it all!

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