The Reasons Why Movies Annoy Me
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The Reasons Why Movies Annoy Me

Why the unrealistic aspects of movies really bother me

The Reasons Why Movies Annoy Me

A lot of aspects presented in movies are clearly unrealistic and have a flawed sense of reality. These flaws are clear to the audience. Whether it's births in movies or how one outfit change in movies changes the person entirely, here is a number of things that really bother me about movies.

1. Food consumption

It really irritates me when a series or movie shows an actress or actor eating an entire fridge worth of food as they still walk around with 6 pack abs. It's just not generally realistic and it mostly just makes people feel bad when they already have gorgeous bodies.

2. The "Glasses Effect"

Glasses don't make anyone more or less attractive! Yeah, you might think you look better one way or the other but it doesn't change you. There is no fairy godmother in this situation, just two lenses that could help you not knock over a trash can.

3. Births

I do not understand why this is so unrealistic. In movies when a pregnant woman's water breaks she automatically dilates to at least an 8. Then her husband, or gay best friend or guy she had sex with once who she barely knows, totally forgets how cars work and loses his mind. Then they rush through every red light to get to the hospital. Then there is always a mean nurse or doctor who gives the couple a hard times. And then the significant other comes in and says "she's giving birth for goodness sake!" or something like that. Then they get a doctor they've never had before and then the woman has her baby in a good 3 minutes and the baby is born. Then the woman gets handed a 3 month old baby who already weighs a good 10 pounds and is basically clean except for the jam the crew covered this terrified baby in.

4. Air Ducts

In regular buildings, and this is only if we are not discussing high security government buildings, air ducts are not the size of full grown human beings.

5. Dumpsters

This is a ridiculous concept that all movie directors use. An actor can't just jump off a roof, fall in a dumpster, and be totally fine. In real life they could have fallen on a knife, a needle or wood. They are likely to fall on anything except trash bags filled with pillows.

6. The Laws of Attraction

Just because a guy, or girl, is attractive doesn't mean that we'd forgive them for stalking us.

7. Dinner

Why is it that during dinner scenes there usually isn't any food eaten, just a lot of screaming and crying.

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