Top 10 Unbelievable Facts About Plants

Top 10 Unbelievable Facts About Plants


Everyone has seen a plant before. But how much do you really know about plants?? Test your knowledge with the 10 cool facts below!

1. There are plants everywhere.

Isn't that a scary thought? Plants pop up everywhere you look. Quick, behind you! I bet there's a plant over there somewhere. You'd better watch your back!

2. There are lots of different kinds of plants.

I think it's safe to assume that we've all seen grass. But did you know that there are such things as trees, bushes, and hedges? Other somewhat known plants are flowers, vegetables, ferns, cactus, vines, and leaves.

3. Plants smell good.

Plants smell good because they breathe in icky air that we humans don't like to taste, and when they eat this air they spit out other air that is good for us humans. This is why, if you go to a place without any plants at all, you die immediately.

4. Plants taste good, too!

Have you ever had a salad before? What if I told you that that salad was made of 30% plants? Amazing, right?? As it turns out, plants are good for humans to eat, and are even a necessary part of our diet! So maybe the next time you're craving a triple bacon cheeseburger with with extra mayo and chicken tenders as buns, consider eating a plant.

5. Plants spend their free time by staring at the sun.

Plants like to take time out of their busy days to stare at the sun. This is because plants like to eat the sunlight and it's free so you might as well take advantage of that bargain. Have you ever looked at the sun? I don't know about you but to me it's pretty fucking bright I don't know how the plants do it.

6. Don't forget to water your plants!

Plants absorb nutrients from the soil through their roots. If there's not enough moisture in the dirt, the roots will rise out of the ground and, looking at the sun, gain the strength to turn into legs. Then the plants waddle around, trying to find nearest source of liquid, which may just be you! Again, watch your back.

7. Sometimes your plants catch on fire.

One time there was a really bad storm and it had lightning in it and one piece of lightning hit the peach tree in our back yard and exploded it so my dad ran outside to see what happened and my mom was yelling at him to stay put but then she ran out chasing him and then us children got curious so we tried to watch through the window but went outside anyway so like my entire family was standing there in the pitch black rain and the storm was storming and really windy too and we all got soaked and my dad was like, "Don't worry the peach tree's not on fire, but it's definitely destroyed" and my mom was like "What the fuck are we still doing out here".

8. Plants are an endangered species.

Because some humans like to eat poison air instead of plant air, they cut down all of the trees in the great wilderness and put smoke factories on there instead. It makes the plants sad and it makes me sad and I'm afraid that someday someone won't know vital information like how to grow plants.


9. I can't grow plants.

One time I grew a tiny plant in a tiny pot and I named her Chartreuse II after my sister's plant, and it also gave of a Little Shop of Horrors vibe, and I was really proud of Chartreuse II but then one day I accidentally knocked her off the shelf and she exploded on the ground and died and I haven't been able to grow anything since.

10. Plants are better than humans.

You can tell plants anything but the best part is that they won't use your information against you, they just kinda sit there until they, or you, die.

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