Top 10 Songs To Listen To In The Rain
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Top 10 Songs To Listen To In The Rain

The rainy day playlist brought to you in the form of ten songs that sound amazing in the rain.

Top 10 Songs To Listen To In The Rain

We all have those rainy days where all we want to do is sit indoors, drink a cup of tea, curl up in a blanket, and relax. However, if you're anything like me, this tends also tends to be the time to get organized, maybe knit or mindlessly color. Of course, it would be too easy to just sit there and listen to the rainfall; so here is a playlist of songs that go great with the sound of thunder and rainfall.

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1) All of Me by John Legend

It's a bit sappy, I know, but the song works so beautifully with the rain! This is especially true if you're having a garage party or camp out and it's raining out. Also, this is a very sweet and romantic song to dance in the rain to with your partner!

2) Literally Any Song by Adele

Adele's jazzy voice and songs are just perfect for the rain. From Set Fire to The Rain to Hello, you cannot go wrong by adding this artist to your rainy-day playlist. Plus, her songs are that sad romantic genre that just work so well with the rain.

3) Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus

Honestly, this is song is a bit over-played for my taste but works wonderfully with the sound of rain. Maybe it's the fact that she's swinging on a wrecking ball and it's thundering outside, but it sounds so cool with the rain in the background.

4) Barcelona by George Ezra

For those who want to feel like they're in a whole new place where the rain fall is just another part of the vacation. Barcelona has a very tropical feel to it while sticking to the classic romantic genre often associated with rain.

5) Wicked Game by James Vincent McMorrow

It is no wonder this song was featured in a Games of Thrones trailer! The song is production perfect and could very well be played as someone weeps over the dead body of their loved one(s). Wicked Game is one of those songs where the dark feel and the acoustic guitar just blend with rain fall. Again, this is another romantic love song where the couples can go and slow dance in the rain. Just don't dance in a thunderstorm, kids!

6) Any Song by First Aid Kit

If you are looking to forget the rainy weather or simply travel to a more rustic place, First Aid Kit is the band you're looking for. This duo have a very hypnotizing mix of voices and genres that make it feel like we're in a cabin in the woods instead of where we are. Also a perfect band for a bonfire playlist.

7) A Place In The Sun by Stevie Wonder

Not only is it ironic, but it is a very sweet song that is almost movie-scene perfect! Can you imagine someone singing this song on a rainy day in a gazebo? I can, and it is amazing! Also, the song has a more happy tune to it that may just bring out the sun.

8) Skinny Love by Bon Iver or Birdy

This one you can pick which artist and it is still just so beautiful! Add a rainy background and the song is picture perfect! Skinny Love is slow and fits with the sound of rain, in fact it almost sounds part of the song when you hear them together.

9) I'll Be Good by Jaymes Young

What can I say? Acoustic guitar and thunder is an amazing combination. I'll Be Good is about self-discovery than searching for love which makes it unique on this list. Honestly, it is perfect for when the rain is just beginning to clear up, because of the song's lyrics it acts as though the world is singing with you.

10) Pretty Much Any Song by Ed Sheeran

I actively tried to find a song by Ed Sheeran that didn't fit with the rain and came up short. However, my top three would be: Give Me Love, The A Team, and Drunk. Anyone could argue that Drunk is an odd choice to listen to in the rain but with cracks of thunder it really emphasizes that idea about being alone with your cat and your drunk self. If you manage to mix some of his slower songs with his upbeat songs it gives your playlist some variety.

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This list is in no particular order and is completely of my own opinion based on my "Rainy Day" playlist. These are perfect when you just want to listen to some slower, relaxing songs. If you have any "Rainy Day" song suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below and let everyone know!

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