My Top 10 Favorite Instruments
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My Top 10 Favorite Instruments

Everyone has a favorite!

My Top 10 Favorite Instruments
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Music is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful gifts we've ever been given, no matter who you are or where you come from. We are equipped with a myriad of different and unique instruments to create this art, so naturally people have preferences as to which instruments they enjoy and which they can do without. So here we go with my personal top ten favorite instruments! As always, this is just my obnoxious opinion, and I mean no offense to those who play instruments that are not on this list. I have no disrespect for your own adoration of your own instruments.

So before we get into my top ten, I would like to mention a few dishonorable mentions of instruments that I can't stand.

Dishonorable #3: The Organ

Have you ever wanted to listen to an instrument that sounds like the never-ending yelling of a thousand lost souls? Then I have the instrument for you!

I get it, the organ is a VERY old instrument, so when it was invented, the people behind it really only had a limited knowledge of sound and construction, but the organ does not get a free pass because of this. Honestly, the instrument has two dynamic levels: pianissimo and quadruple fortissimo. When I go to a concert that features an organ, I would prefer to leave with my eardrums un-ruptured, thank you.

Dishonorable #2: The Bagpipes

Something I've noticed recently is that most people genuinely enjoy bagpipes, which honestly confuses me to no end. I understand that the bagpipes are a staple of Scottish culture and are commonly used for funerals, but that doesn't stop them from sounding like an overly nasal singer in a duet with his friend that's sustaining what sounds like an anxious moan underneath him.

Dishonorable #1: The Recorder

Just thinking about this God-awful instrument gives me a headache.

To whoever invented this wretched thing: on behalf of all the elementary school kids whoever had to play this death-whistle, and on behalf of the parents of said-kids, we kindly ask you step on a lego.

And with that out of the way, on to my top ten!

10: The Flute

The only thing I love more than a flute's light and pristine tone is the skill of the musicians who play it. Not only does a flute's music sound good, it's scientifically top-notch as well. It's true! Along the terms of physics, flutes produce a sound that is perfectly resonant and more flawless than any other instrument! Producing sound from a flute requires a very tricky technique that I cannot and probably will not ever learn how to perfect. So props to all the flute players out there!

9: Trombone

Speaking of a lot of skill, it confounds me to try and figure out how far trombonists extend the arm of the trombone to make a specific note. Just when I think I see a pattern to how it works, I only get more confused. I also enjoy the trombone's versatility; the instrument blends well with bands and orchestras all the way to jazz bands. So it's thanks to skill and versatility that gets the trombone a place on my list.

8. Trumpet

To me, the trumpet is equipped with the versatility of the trombone, but with a little dash of soul added to it. It's known to all of the trumpet's immense role in the genre of jazz, and for that the instrument's popularity has skyrocketed. The trumpet can play soulful ballads and roaring jazz and swing, and all-around, it's quite the crowd pleaser.

7. French Horn

The French Horn places above the other two brass instruments in this list not because of the fact that I used to play it in middle school band, but because that I feel it is a highly underrated instrument. To some, the French Horn might appear to be a hard-to-learn and goofy-looking instrument not worth a second glance, but the French Horn proves very useful and beautiful in orchestras. Specifically, I've noticed the prevalence of the Horn in movie soundtracks with large orchestras, and it is there that the French Horn is given its spotlight.

6. Guitar/Bass

The guitar and bass get a high place on this place due to my love of rock and roll music. With 80's Rock being one of my favorite genres, I've always associated kick-ass guitars as the instrument that gives the song the right kick that makes me want to head-bang. In addition, string instruments have never been something I've shown a natural skill for, so I envy those who have the knack to learn this instrument. Also, there are a lot of people and bands that have such iconic sounds using the guitar in different ways, like Van Halen or Radiohead.

5. Drums

In all honesty, I love the drums so much because for my entire life my dad always plays the air drums to any rock song we listen to in the car. Drums are an all-around instrument that are a necessity to tempo, and they're a lot more fun than a boring metronome. Drums require a good amount of skill, and they come along with a massive responsibility to those who are playing them, considering how they're responsible for keeping an entire ensemble on tempo. So I extend immense respect to all the drummers out there.

4. Violin

Is there a more pure and beautiful instrument than the violin? In a solo, the violin is amazing, but put it in an ensemble and it becomes magnificent. It goes without saying that the violin is a difficult instrument to learn, but those who can and master it are some of the most skilled musicians out there. Also, just think about how big of a role violins play in movie scores; they're essential for drawing out the emotions of a movie's audience, and for that, I adore the violin.

3. The Saxophone

Supertramp, one of my favorite bands of all time, uses the saxophone a lot and in so many different ways that it has helped cement my love for the saxophone. I admire how the saxophone can be sassy and fun or blues-y whenever you want. The instrument has also been used very well with the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel, and every time I hear a saxophone I can't help but feel happy. Also one of my best friends plays the saxophone, so that puts the saxophone higher on the list too. Ultimately, if I could make a wish to have perfect skill with another instrument, it would definitely be the sax.

2. The Cello

This might sound weird, maybe, but I feel like the cello is an instrumental representation of my own singing voice, and that's why I love and relate to it so much. The cello is like the baritone of stringed instruments; it can hit very full-sounding low notes and even higher and lighter notes. And similar to the violin, adding a cello to a song instantly makes the song more emotional. It's also hard to play because it's basically a really big upside-down violin.

1. Piano

"Woah! The piano-primary music major's favorite instrument is piano!? What a shock!" I hear you say. And that may be true, but I still love the piano above all other instruments for a million reasons. Firstly, the piano is the cornerstone of all music and it's essential to teaching music in general. Secondly, the piano is incredibly easy to learn, making it appealing to most musicians, but it's nearly impossible to master due to its increasing technicalities and required proficiencies; although I hate to admit it, there's a reason why we're still forced to learn Beethoven and Mozart. And lastly, the piano can convey the widest range of emotions than all other instruments could. The piano can be sad, happy, joyful, sassy, strong, somber, and playful, and sometimes all within one song. And it's because of this that the piano will always be my favorite instrument.

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