Top 10 Biggest Mistakes of Rory Gilmore’s Life

Gilmore Girls is a show beloved by many. The quick banter, excessive coffee consumption and the quaint town of Stars Hallow kept us coming back for more.            

Throughout the series, Rory Gilmore was always perceived as the golden child, but when you look back at the seven seasons of Gilmore Girls it becomes apparent that Rory Gilmore’s life was chocked-full of mistakes. Below are ten of Rory Leigh Gilmore’s greatest mistakes.      

10. Befriending Paris Geller. 

Sure Paris is good at times, but Paris is pretty toxic. She’s far too competitive and brings Rory down too often. Rory would have been better off branching out away from Paris.   

9. Deciding to go to Yale.

Rory was a Harvard girl. This decision isn’t so much of a mistake, but Rory needs to be her own person and not be pressured by other people. I don’t think attending Yale was ultimately Rory’s decision.      

8. Not accepting the job at the Providence Journal-Bulletin.

Rory was a bit too big for her britches turning down a job offer at the Providence Journal-Bulletin because she believed she was a shoo-in at the New York Times. This poor decision leads to a great deal of stress and is easily one of Rory’s greatest mistakes.      

7. Stealing that Darn Boat.

This was part of Rory’s bad girl phase. Why did Rory feel the need to steal a boat? She should have stayed at the party with Logan and this problem could have been avoided. I heard jail isn't fun.

6. That whole Jess Phase…

Jess is one of my all-time favorite characters, but he’s no good for Rory. I understand that he challenges her and has similar literature interests, but Jess messes up too often and Rory needs a wake up call. Stop. Hanging. Out. With. Jess.   

5. Missing Lorelai’s Graduation.

Rory ditches school to visit Jess in New York and misses her mother’s college graduation. This is when most viewers become team Jess because we understand that Rory has a mad crush on this guy, but it’s time to check your watch and head back to Connecticut, Rory. Celebrate your mom's success! 

4. Letting Jess Drive to get Ice Cream.

I’m picking up on a pattern here. Seriously, so many of these mistakes revolve around Jess… When Rory tutors Jess the two decide on a study break which results in a catastrophic car accident. Talk about some juicy Stars Hallow gossip.     

3. Dropping out of Yale.

Oh goodness! Dropping out of Yale was a huge mistake, Rory! Just because Mitchum Huntzberger doesn’t believe Rory has what it takes doesn’t mean she needed to drop out of Yale, although living in the pool house doesn’t sound half bad.   

2. The scandalous Dean affair.

I’ve always loved Dean, but he’s taken. Rory needs to learn to keep her legs closed and stay away from married men. This situation blows over pretty quickly too. I think it’s a much larger deal. Move on Rory. Dean isn’t the man for you.      

1. Not accepting Logan’s engagement.

This is easily Rory’s greatest mistake. I still haven't forgiven this decision. Rory should have gotten married to Logan and moved to California and lived happily ever after. I will forever regret Rory’s decision. 

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