Top nine steps to revitalize your energies!
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Top nine steps to revitalize your energies!

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Top nine steps to revitalize your energies!

Top nine steps to revitalize your energies!

  1. (If applicable) Retrieve any string/wind/acoustic/electric musical instrument from the deserted corner of your bed room, and scrape off the island of dust piled up haphazardly on top like an ashy elf’s hat before composing a musical rendition of some distant Disney melody that still haunts the corners of your brain, while twirling aimlessly around.
  2. If for some mysterious, godforsaken reason, you do not have any sort of musical instrument laying around then grab the nearest comb (not the honey kind because that would get too messy, but the tool that you hopefully use to untangle your hair) and proceed to holler your best impression of any celebrity singer.
  3. Take a lengthy walk along the bike path that wraps around your apartment in a looped spiral before disappearing into an ominously wooded area. Maybe fairies are real…and maybe Axe murderers are especially prevalent amongst the thickly forested trails of southern Illinois…
  4. Furiously contemplate why murderers are so heavily associated with axes. I mean, I’m sure there is an absolute gamut of murder weapons to choose from: take text books, for example, perfect for bludgeoning, or in the more extreme setting, useful in a zombie apocalypse because nothing would catch on fire quicker than a pile of dry, studious, well-intentioned yet sadly tediously constructed, stacks of glossy, printed paper.
  5. Write a novel in the span of an hour, and do NOT look at it until the following day. Then, edit or move around words to your heart’s content…or just, delete it and re-start the process.
  6. Paint an acrylic masterpiece within thirty minutes, and challenge yourself to finger paint over the entire artwork. Hide your ‘magnum opus’ in the closet for a month and afterwards, guess what kind of alien message you seemed to have created or for that matter, what the hell an upside down picture of a thumb floating amidst mini evergreen trees reveals about your subconscious.
  7. Give your thumbs a rest, and twiddle your pinkies!
  8. Make dozens upon dozens of origami shapes and on April Fool’s Day, surprise your friends with a blistering show of paper dolls hanging from the ceiling, pinned on the walls, and taped on the floor. Why not add a boiling, bubbling cauldron in the middle of the apartment, for extra effect. (Don’t worry, the Salem Witch trials are long behind us!)
  9. Wonder why this list ends at nine instead of ten.
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I remember how exciting summer was when I was a kid. I would just be eagerly waiting for school to end so that I could fly to some exotic location with my family for the summer. Or hang out with my friends every day. Or just lay around in bed or read, paint, draw, basically do whatever.

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