Top Scary Places to visit in georgia
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Top Scary Places to visit in georgia

Grab your cameras, ghost hunters!

Top Scary Places to visit in georgia

Let's face it, Georgia is a scary, but beautiful place. Besides Atlanta's traffic, which would make anyone scream in horror, we've got some seriously spooky things going on here.

Sorrel Weed House-Savannah, Georgia

Sorrel Weed House

We start this list with a bang, or rather a boo, when it comes to Savannah's Sorrel Weed House. The historical landmark has far-reaching connections to the Civil War (it was the childhood home of a general who served under General Robert E. Lee), but it's also become a perfect example of Greek architecture. There's rumor's that the owner's wife threw herself off the balcony, dying right there in the front yard.. Some believe that's it's the plot of ground itself that's haunted. I have personally never been here but a friend of mine told me that it is pretty spooky.

The Warren House-Jonesboro, Georgia

Warren House

Guy L. Warren, an employee of Macon & Western Railroad, built The Warren House in 1840. It served as a field hospital for the Confederate troops until Union infantries took it over for the same use. While renovating the home nearly a century later, builders removed wallpaper and discovered the names of Union soldiers who had signed their signatures onto the walls.

Oakland Cemetery- Atlanta, Georgia

Oakland Cemetery

Maynard Jackson, Margaret Mitchell, and Bobby Jones are among the most famous buried in Atlanta's Oakland Cemetery, the oldest and largest burial ground in the city. Built in 1850, the cemetery has a large section that houses the Confederate dead, 3,000 of which are known soldiers. People say they've seen soldiers in full uniform roaming the grounds and hanging from trees, and some claim they've heard Confederate soldiers doing a roll call.

Chastain House- Blue Ridge, Georgia

Chastain House

The original house was built by Jason Coward Chastain in 1841. Since then there have been two other structures built. During the civil war they would hide the soldiers in the house in trap door in the corner of the rooms. Nifty? I think so. Another thing that I know is for sure is that at one point in time the Chastain house was an orphanage, which brings me now to the story. It is said that at night you can hear laughter of kids playing games in the house and outside. There are three popular entities that reside within the property; Alice, Ruth and Sarah. People have said that they have seen little blurs of the girls, and have heard the laughter of kids playing. All inside the house you can hear tiny footsteps of clog type of shoes or knocking on the walls. Myself and a few friends have been here before and it is insanely creepy. We tried spending the night in there but we ended up leaving around 3 am because we felt like we were being watched the whole time.

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