Top RWBY Episodes: What To Watch While Waiting For More Volume 4
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Top RWBY Episodes: What To Watch While Waiting For More Volume 4

Volume 4 may have begun, but what should we watch while waiting for more new content?

Top RWBY Episodes: What To Watch While Waiting For More Volume 4

Over the past few weeks the RWBY fandom has been at the edge of our seats, watching as new clips, new footage, and new images are released for the much anticipated Volume 4. We've now seen several new episodes, but ever since the heart-wrenching Volume 3 finale, fans have waited eagerly for any news of what will happen in this new Volume. Now, as we wait each week for new episodes, here is a list of (my) favorite RWBY episodes from every season.

*Spoiler Warning, Spoiler Warning*. There are spoilers, you have been warned. But none will be for Volume 4.

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RWBY Volume 1

Episodes 4-5: The First Step Parts One and Two

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I'll be honest with you, the first three episodes of RWBY were not my favorite. Although I found the characters interesting and amusing, episode four is when I really started to feel invested in the characters and the plot. Maybe it was the introduction of Nora Valkyrie, or maybe it was just that this is when you first get a real sense of what the rest of the show is going to be like- including one of our first real looks at the world's monstrous creatures. And it doesn't hurt that the characters get to fall from the sky.

Episodes 6-7: The Emerald Forest Parts One and Two

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These episodes, directly following The First Step Part Two, continue with the near-constant action. These episodes give us our first taste of Aura, one of the shows main points. With a little bit of humor and some interesting fight scenes, these episodes, although short, are quite enjoyable.

Episode 8: Players and Pieces

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My favorite episode of the first season, this is when we start to really get to know and understand our characters, and the episode includes some absolutely incredible action scenes. These episodes are also the foundation of the two teams that drive the series- Team RWBY, made up of Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao-Long -and team JNPR, made up of Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie, Pyrrha Nikos, and Lie Ren. That alone makes this episode worth watching, not to mention the soundtrack and Ruby completely showing off how awesome she is. Also, Nora.

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Episode 15: The Stray

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The first part in the season finale, The Stray introduces us to the world of Remnant's very own racial injustices. It also gives some very real character depth to both Weiss and Blake, both of whom have seemed like fairly minor and undeveloped characters up to this point. The introduction of Penny, although awkward and amusing, is also intriguing.

Episode 16: Black and White

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Continuing right where The Stray left off, this episode, and Blake's hunt to discover what the Faunus of the White Fang are up to, is very fulfilling as a season finale. It gives us a new perspective on Blake, and Weiss, make Sun seem like a fun character, and shows off Penny, giving us several hints to her character, as well as future plot points. Beyond that, the introduction of one of the main villains in the after-credits scene is chilling an exciting, leading us to want more.

RWBY Volume 2

Episode 1: Best Day Ever

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"Sisters, friends, Weiss!"

If you ever need a laugh, this is the RWBY episode for you. Although it hints at several things, this episode is all-around lighthearted- until Ozpin's response to Glynda, in which he says, "Right now, they're still children, so why not let them play the part? After all, it isn't a role they'll have forever." Between a food-fight, Nora, some absolutely dramatic characters, and the introduction of Sun's friend, Neptune, this episode is one of my favorites to just sit down and watch.

Episode 6: Burning The Candle

By far my favorite episode from the second volume, Burning The Candle is what made me like the character of Yang. Although we had seen some of the softer sides to Yang, this episode not only gives her more depth, but is also the first real glimpse at her and Ruby's backstory. The episode is also good for the messages it carries about not giving up on important things, but still taking time to rest and recuperate. It is also an interesting turning point in the show.

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Episode 7: Dance Dance Infiltration

Dance Dance Infiltration officially brings several things to a head. First we get some incredibly golden moments with Jaune, Neptune, Weiss, and Pyrrha, and none of us will ever forget Team JNPR's wonderful dance number, featuring Jaune in a dress, but then the episode takes an abrupt turn, as Ruby, who leaves the dance early, and has her second encounter with Cinder. The brief, but chilling fight scene leaves us, as well as Ruby, quite shaken.

Episode 9: Search and Destroy

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In the lead up to the volume's finale, we see Team RWBY on their first official trip as huntresses in training, shadowing a hunter, one of their teachers, Dr. Oobleck. The episode is hectic, in keeping with the character of Dr. Oobleck himself, who flits around the entire episode, asking Weiss, Blake, and Yang, each separately, why they wanted to become huntresses. Rwby, who doesn't receive the same interrogation, asks Oobleck himself the very same question, leading to an interesting answer.

Episode 10: Mountain Glenn

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Weiss, Blake, and Yang, having been left uneasy by Oobleck's earlier questions, have a late night talk, during which they expound more on the reasons they became huntresses. This leads to the characters realizing several things about themselves, and each of them is left with a greater sense of responsibility than they had before. As the episode progresses, Ruby inadvertently falls right into the enemy's lair, leading directly to-

Episode 11: No Brakes, and Episode 12: Breach

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These two episodes combine to create a season finale that shakes the foundations of Vale- literally. Beginning with concern for Ruby, and a shocking discovery about where the enemy was hiding, the episodes take a fast pace as the characters discover the pending danger for the citizens of Vale. With the introduction of several incredible characters (both good and evil), some fun fight scenes, and of course, the killer soundtrack, these two episodes are a wonderful culmination of the second volume.

RWBY Volume 3

Episode 3: It's Brawl in the Family

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I'll be honest with you, for me, the first two episodes of Volume 3 were extremely rocky. The characterization felt off, the writing felt off, I didn't like the opening song, and it felt, to me at least, that the show was lacking Monty Oum's touch after his death. Lucky for Roosterteeth, It's Brawl in the Family changed that. First of all, it gives us our official introduction to Yang and Ruby's uncle, Qrow, who, despite being a drunk grouchy character, quickly became one of my favorites in the series. It also introduces us to Weiss's sister, Winter, who despite being colder than the character often labeled "Snow Angel" and "Ice Queen", is intriguing and interesting. The plot also makes it's true reappearance in this episode as well, making it the reason that I continued to watch the show.

Also, this:

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Episode 6: Fall

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With several things coming to the forefront, including Pyrrha Nikos, Fall is earthshaking. Ozpin brings things to light that make a lot of what we had seen in past episodes suddenly make sense, bringing in the Maidens, and a little bit of new information about Qrow- information that Pyrrha doesn't get. And even while everything going on with Pyrrha and Ozpin is fascinating in this episode, it is really what happens near the end of the episode that clinches it's spot on this list. It's the moment that made our hearts drop, our stomachs clench, and our eyes widen in shock. Yes, it's the first of many reasons why Roosterteeth had to let parents know to decide whether or not to continue to allow their children to watch the show. We as viewers, knowing what was happening, and that Yang would never do what she did for no reason, were completely appalled by the ending to Fall.

Episode 7: Beginning of the End

I suppose that it should be no surprise, considering the ending of the last episode, that the next episode is titled Beginning of the End. And there couldn't be a more accurate title. Feeding off of the horror and confusion from the previous episode, Beginning of the End starts with a series of unsettling flashbacks, revealing how Cinder recruited Emerald and Mercury, as well as the alliance with Adam Taurus and the attack upon the Fall Maiden. We also see an interesting tidbit with Qrow as he interrupts their ambush and saves the Maiden. Back in the present, Cinder, Mercury, and Emerald have stolen off for Mercury to "recover" after Yang's "horrible and violent attack" on him. I'm pretty sure that every fan just about screamed (silently) at the reactions of literally everyone in the show, while we watched helpless from the sidelines.

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Episode 8: Destiny

If you've seen Volume 3's finale, the title of the episode makes your heart clench just a little. The episode itself doesn't help matters. The characters of the World of Remnant are rocked by the events of the last two episodes. Not only is Team RWBY disqualified from the tournament, but they are riddled with doubt and fear- especially Yang. Having been affected by Emerald's semblance, what she saw was entirely different from what everyone else saw, which is why she is so hurt, and so shocked by not only the world, but her teammates reactions. Even a pep talk from Qrow and some news about her Mother- the mysterious Raven -doesn't seem to cheer her up.

Team JNPR isn't doing much better. Pyrrha is entirely out of sorts after talking with Ozpin, and despite Jaune finally tapping into his truly sensitive side- the side that likes Pyrrha Nikos as much as we want him to, Pyrrha takes her anger and confusion out on him. Yes, this episode is truly one to capture the frustration and shakiness that we all felt as we watched. The episode ends with several moments filled with foreboding as Ruby discovers Mercury snooping around- and on two perfectly good legs no less, while Pyrrha and Penny are paired off for the next round of the tournament.

Episode 10: Battle of Beacon

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After the traumatic events of episode 9, PvP, I know that I was hoping for a victorious battle filled finale. At least that latter part of that wish was fulfilled... I really appreciated the depth this episode brought, as the teams of students and teachers readied themselves for battle. Despite how shaken each of them is over the earlier events of the volume, they work together. Even when Ironwood says he wouldn't blame them if they ran, they fight. Because that is what they trained to do, what they signed on to do. I got chills as Grimm after Grimm appears, and battle scene follows battle scene. Although the episode is fast paced, you aren't lacking for plot, as Ruby doesn't have any of her teammates with her, and Pyrrha makes a difficult choice.

Episode 11: Heroes and Monsters

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Now where we'd been thinking that the poor characters had been kicked around enough, and the creators decided to prove us wrong. This episode started off in the right direction- battles were won, there were some pretty cool fights, Roman Torchwick died and Neo was carried off by a Grimm -we even get to see Velvet's weapon and part of Weiss's full power! Just when we're feeling good, Blake runs into Adam, her abusive ex partner. Now is when we start to feel real concern, which only hardens into cold horror when Yang rushes onto the scene, guns blazing as always. Between horror of Yang's ensuing injury, and Cinder killing the Fall Maiden before Pyrrha can gain her power, not to mention Cinder's mention of the mysterious "her", this episode left my heart aching at the end.

Episode 12: End of the Beginning

This episode is both a climax and a starting point. Somehow, the creators at Roosterteeth managed to balance this nearly 30 minute episode between an end and a beginning, whilst not taking away from either aspect. Your heart breaks more than once, seeing the growth each character has gone through, seeing the shattered remains of Team RWBY, watching as we are given one of our first officially canon ships, and being unable to tear our eyes away when the possibility of it happening is blown to smithereens. When Jaune's tears fall and he smashes his scroll into the ground, when Ruby arrives just a heartbeat too late, and when we watch as her powers explode and everything fades to white, there's a sense of disbelief.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1]

The epilogue also serves to really and truly take the knife and twist it. With Ruby's teammates scattered to the winds, and Yang's PTSD, dipression, and guilt, it almost feels as though there is no hope. Unsurprisingly, Ruby, despite the tragedies and traumatic events she's witnessed, still possesses the fiery determination to do what's right and protect people. As we watch her leave with the remains of Team JNPR, we find a remnant of hope, although the introduction to the real mastermind behind the events of the last 3 volumes serves to lead us right up to Volume 4.

This series is incredible, and just as they do in the end credits of Volume 3, I would like to honor Monty Oum, without whom it would never have been possible.

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