Last night, I was skimming through channels to see which ones are broadcasting the State of the Union address. I scrolled through a bunch of different news stations to find one that had the best quality. After watching a little bit of each news station, I figured that each of them is delivering their preview of this important speech differently.

The Fox News station is generally known by the public to have a conservative opinion when delivering the news.

They support this view by bringing people on the show that offer more of a right view of the country like Tomi Lahren, Anna Paulina, and many more. They are certainly not afraid of being viewed as a one-sided news station and turn away many viewers that have different views on politics.

Before the address, Fox News spoke about what could be expected and the questions that have arisen leading up to this. One of the journalists on Fox News, Morgan Ortagus, said, "I think what the President is going to do tonight is look for ways in which that he can make the case to the American people of the national security implications of not only the wall but border security [at] large."

Her colleague took a more opinionated view to say: "Will we see unity at the state of the union or will the Democrats troll the President and steal the show?"

On the other hand, CNN took the other side of this split republic, as it has always been more for the Democratic party than any other. One CNN journalist said, "What's worse? A new CNN poll showing that 43% of Americans say that the federal government's doing the worst job of governing in their lifetime. But there's always a chance that a strong speech can leave analysts saying that tonight was the night that Donald Trump finally became president."

Their views are definitely of the leftist side of the conversation, and they do take a very passionate take on being against the President and what he argues for.

Although there is not as much media bias surrounding the CBS news station, it was found that they significantly donated more to the Democratic party over the Republican party as donations. In light of the address, the news station took another route by featuring Democratic strategist Antjuan Seawright and CBS News contributor and Republican strategist Leslie Sanchez to give the viewers a more informative outlook on what is expected from the President.

Sanchez begins by addressing that the President is "going to make the case why the country is still in jeopardy—I don't think he's going to say there's a national emergency today, but he's definitely going to allude to it, build that commonality. This is his platform to do it, and with a teleprompter—you know—in such a prestigious occasion, it definitely has a lot of positives for the President, if he remains scripted."

And then when asked to give his take on what the President will speak about, Seawright says, "I think the President is in a tight spot or a tight jam. Number one, this is the first time of him being in Nancy Pelosi's house. This is the first time he will address a split congress—Democratic house; Republican Senate and I think this is the first time he will be tested to put forth a legislative agenda that his base can get around and that he has to convince Democrats to get on board too.

But here's the thing about this proposed speech of unity. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say, 'Yeah, we're open to him. What does he have to say?' But I'm convinced I'm more about what you do versus what you say. We've heard the screams and calls of unity before from this President, and then he goes back into his Partisan corner even abandoning some from his own party. So I'll be curious to see what happens after tonight."

All of these different news stations provide different views on what could be said by the President during this important speech in front of millions of Americans. It's great that there is a platform where lines are crossed to get each and everyone's opinions out in the open. Mainly because without it, our opinions would never be officially supported, and through this, we are able to watch a channel that will make us feel comfortable and open to the news.