7 Reasons To Binge Watch "America’s Next Top Model" This Spring Break

We all have that ideal spring break—you know the one where you're on the beach, soaking up the sun, traveling, and catching up with friends. Let’s be honest though, every day of spring break will not be exciting or riveting. There will be some days that you’re just downright bored. For those days, I offer you an alternative to spending your days scrolling through social media and watching everyone else have fun: binge-watch “America’s Next Top Model.”

1. The HMIC (Head Model in Charge) is back!

After taking a hiatus from hosting the show during Cycle 23, Tyra Banks made a return debut for Cycle 24, replacing Rita Ora. Tyra stated that it was the fans that convinced her to come back; she stated that it was the fans who ceaselessly petitioned for her to come back.

2. The show redefines conventional beauty standards.

Not many shows promote the beauty of the average person. Although the show is all about the glitz and glamour, it still puts an emphasis on raw beauty and embracing yourself as you are. This season not only lifted the age ban which allowed Erin Green (pictured below) to join the competition and kill the game, but it also included women of all shapes and sizes.

3. The drama is addictive.

I admit that this should have been the first point on this listicle, but the other two were equally as important. I mean, who doesn’t love watching drama that has nothing to do with them? From watching the girls fight over half-eaten apples being left on the counter to being too loud when others are trying to sleep, this show has definitely kept me on my toes. Not to mention the famous eliminations are still juicy!

4. The show is not afraid to discuss the political climate.

This season’s show features two women on the complete opposite sides of the political party. Kyla Coleman, a hardcore activist, and Liberty Netuschil, a strong supporter of Trump, are both contestants on the show this season and naturally have differences in opinions over the country's future. Instead of editing out these heated discussions, the showed aired them, which allowed it to show how in touch it was with the world today.

5. You’ll learn how to take better selfies.

Did you know that you’ve probably been taking selfies wrong your whole life? Don’t feel bad, I didn’t either until Tyra gave the girls’ notes on how to take a stand out selfie which I eagerly took notes on. The tips included #SLAY (So Look At Yourself) where Tyra encouraged the girls to make eye contact with the camera instead of looking away, #CIAO (Crop It All Out) which is removing the phone’s reflection in the picture and, #DipItLow which is the trick of dropping the phone to an attractive angle to get your whole body. Take it from someone who tried it as soon as I finished the episode – they work.

6. We might get an update on Life-Size 2

During a photo shoot, Kyla asked the question that every Tyra fan is dying to know:

Although Tyra only gave a laugh as a response, at least we know someone officially reminded her of it.

7. You’ll become #NLF (Next Level Fierce)

This Cycle’s theme is all about fierceness, which you’ll definitely absorb while watching the show and living vicariously through all the girls. So, what are you waiting for? Start watching!

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