Top Items to Keep in Your Car For Winter Emergencies
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Top Items to Keep in Your Car For Winter Emergencies

Getting trapped in an avalanche is always a blast!

Top Items to Keep in Your Car For Winter Emergencies
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So you are driving down a busy highway trying to get through the "wintry mix" which is actually turning into a blizzard. You get cut off from a truck driver flooring it to the nearest exit and you spin out on black ice. Before you know it, your car slides into a 15 foot pile of snow on the side of the road. You are trapped until emergency vehicles can come save the day. These items might come in handy...

1. Flashlights

When you are surrounded by snow or are trapped at night with a dead car battery, a flashlight can come in handy.

2. First aid kit

Not everyone has simple medical knowledge, but a first aid kit is a good start to fix minor injuries.

3. Matches/lighters/firestarters

You never know when you need to start a fire. Survival is key.

4. Knives

Examples of utilization are as seat belt cutters and glass breakers.

5. Brooms/shovels

Most people get their vehicles stuck in the snow or ice at least once in their lifetime, so these items are made to dig cars out.

6. Gasoline can

When it is below freezing outside, the heaters in cars need to stay running and gasoline is responsible for that.

7. De-Icers/rock salt/kitty litter

Not many people like a windshield full of rock solid ice. Even worse are car doors and handles being iced shut. Kitty litter is the ultimate traction booster.

8. Battery powered radio

This will keep you informed in case your car will not start up again.

9. Batteries

These are used in flashlights, portable radios, and more!

10. Edibles/non-perishables

The human body can go about three weeks or more without food..........

11. Fluids

..........But can only go about three days without water.

12. Flare gun

When your phone is dead and your car is trapped in the middle of no where, a flare gun can come in handy.

13. Blankets/coats

No one wants to freeze to death!

14. Portable chargers

Modern phones can lose battery power pretty quickly.

15. Jumper cables

This is a year-round item, but there are more incidents of needing a jump start during the winter than any other time of the year.

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