Fourteen Movies That Will Leave You Terrified
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14 Horror Movies that will make you want to sleep with a nightlight on

Grab the popcorn and a blanket and prepare for a spooky night.

14 Horror Movies that will make you want to sleep with a nightlight on

Horror movies are a classic film genre. Filled with ghosts, demons, psychopaths, demented children, etc these films were made to scare the audience. Prepare yourself to be scared and probably need to sleep with your mom after viewing these movies.

1. The Conjuring Series

Step into the shoes of Ed and Lorraine Warren, paranormal investigators, as they combat evil spirits that prey upon innocent families across the globe. Unravel the history behind the haunted houses that led to families behind torn apart.

2. Saw Series

One of the goriest series ever made, dive into this series filled with guts, blood, and puzzles. Watch all the movies to figure out the secret to Jigsaw's reasoning behind "innocent" peoples' torture.

3. The Shining

Jack Torrance along with his wife Wendy and son Danny take residence in the Overlook Hotel in Colorado. Jack's new job as a caretaker for the hotel, cracks up to be more than he signed up for as something sinister within the hotel begins to toy with the family over the course of the long winter. Is the hotel haunted or is cabin fever setting in?

4. Scream

Masked killer takes over a small town and preys upon Sidney Prescott and her friends. As high-schoolers began to get murdered one by one, the real question is who can you trust?

5. The Strangers

Couple Kristen and James expected to enjoy a relaxing weekend at their vacation home in the secluded country-side. Their weekend took a turn for the worse when people start terrorizing them from the outside of their home. After watching this movie, you will not want to stay home alone again.

6. The Hills Have Eyes

Ever considered taking a family trip in an RV and traveling? This movie will make you think again. A family trip takes a wrong turn when their RV breaks down in a deserted area that had a nuclear breakout, leaving mutant humans who feed on human flesh for dinner.

7. The Exorcist (original)

Hands down one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. I saw this movie one time in my life and will never watch it again because it scarred me for life. A movie based off true events, young girl Regan begins acting out and the local priests are called in to perform one of the most gruesome exorcist of all time.

8. Silence of the Lambs

When women keep disappearing across the United States, FBI trainee Clarice Gibson is recruited for a special task to interview Hannibal Lecter with hope that he will provide insight to solve the missing persons cases and the killer responsible. If you desire to watch a movie with one of the creepiest men on planet Earth, this is for you.

9. Halloween

A classic horror film that all slasher movie fanatics need to see. Micheal Myers was only six years old when he murdered his sister on Halloween night. Meyers was sentenced to prison but escaped fifteen years later, hungry for revenge and more kills.

10. Drag Me to Hell

This movie is the reason I was afraid of the dark. The lady pictured above will leave you terrified to your core. Christine Brown and her boyfriend end up cursed after denying an old lady a loan. The result, a curse that could cost them their soul in eternal Hell.

11. Cabin in the Woods

Ladies do not worry, Chris Hemsworth stars in this film. So if you are not into horror films, maybe Australian men will catch your attention. Five college friends head to a cabin in the remote woods in hopes of having a weekend get away, little do they know their trip will be anything but a party. This is anything but the cheesy 'cabin in the woods' plot line you are use to. WARNING: major plot twist coming your way.

12. Orphan

A couple decides to adopt a young girl, Esther, after the loss of their unborn baby. In hopes of becoming a happy family again, things become sinister as event surrounding the family point to Esther. Another great film that will leave you on the edge of your seat and a shocking twist to the ending.

13. Don't Breathe

One would think robbing a blind man would be a piece of cake, however, when the blind man turns out to be a retired Marine the task becomes more than three degenerates can handle. With every step and breath they take, they expose their position and put their lives in danger. Who will win the battle, the blind man or the three degenerates?

14. A Nightmare on Elm Street

Who doesn't love sleep. It is such a relief to take a nap during the day or go to bed and get a good nights sleep. Only problem is, in this movie sleep equals death. Freddy Krueger haunts young woman Nancy in her sleep, but when the nightmares turn into reality, action must be taken. The reasoning behind Freddy's hauntings unravel as Nancy uncovers secrets about her family history. Will they solve the puzzle in time, or will Freddy take Nancy for good?

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