Top 8 Best Scary Movies

Top 8 Best Scary Movies

What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?

Today we’re talking about scary movies! Not straight up horror movies, but more of the classics. You know the movies with the suspenseful music, the shocking endings, and the literal cutthroat scenes? Today we’re doing a roundup of the “top semi-scary movies”. These are the top movies to ease yourself into the scary movie realm. Okay, let’s begin:

The Village

This was one of the first “scary movies” that I watched, so even though it’s not a popular flick, it definitely earned a spot on my list. More for nostalgia reasons, but it’s still such a good movie! The quaint setting of a 19th century village, paired with a tender love story, and the classic “monsters in the woods” theme, make this an all-around solid movie. The ending is one you’d never see coming, and I’ll never forget surprised I was the first time I watched it. Technically more of a psychological thriller, but the suspenseful woods scene still earns this one a spot on the list.

Shutter Island

I watched this one a few years back, and personally I didn’t care for it, but since it was a box office hit, I felt it should be on my list. The acting in this movie is excellent- with amazing performances by Leonardo DiCaprio, Michelle Williams, Mark Ruffalo, and several other well-known actors. This psychological thriller really tipped the scales for me as far as downright insanity goes. By the end of the movie you’ll be questioning what’s real and not real.

World War Z

In keeping with variety, this is my zombie flick of the list. The whole “end of the world/epic catastrophe” theme seems to be a popular one with young audiences, so it’s no surprise that this movie was a success. Although I didn’t find this move scary, I know some people thought the zombies, and super suspenseful scenes made this a scary movie to remember. Brad Pitt’s superb acting, paired with several amazing chase scenes make this my top zombie movie.

I Am Legend

This post-apocalyptic horror film really set the bar for all “end of the world” movies to come. Will Smith’s nearly solo performance makes this movie even more special. The fact that there is a German shepherd as his sidekick makes this movie a real winner in my books.

The Purge Movies

There are currently three moves in the purge series, and I’ve watched two of them. These dystopian action horror movies are kind of on a level all of their own. There was epic buildup to the first one coming out, because the film’s concept both intrigued and terrified people. To be honest, I didn’t find these movies scary, but I loved them anyway. Keep in mind that I have a pretty high “scare level” when it comes to scary movies, and I know that most people were terrified by these films.


What would a scary movie list be without an alien flick? This movie was so popular when I was younger, and for good reason! I just sat down and watched it this year, and was blown away by the insanely talented acting! Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix give their usual stand-out performances. The surprise talent in this movie comes from the kids, Rory Culkin and Abigail Breslin though! They both delivered performances well above their age level, making this movie really hit the mark. My favorite scene will always be when Mel and Joaquin run around the house one night, screaming hilarious lines. Go watch the movie just for that scene!

The Scream Movies

I saved the best for last! Yep, the Scream movies rank among my top favorite movies of all time! For me, they’re right up there with American Sniper and She’s the Man. Something about the classic masked murderer, slashing sprees, and classic scare moments make these movies the best. The thrill of wondering who’s behind the mask is something that I’ll never get tired of. All four of these films were truly amazing. *Side Note: The current Scream TV series on MTV is another favorite of mine! Seriously guys, I’m obsessed!

There you have it! Now comment below, sharing YOUR favorite scary movies! I’m always looking for new ones to watch!

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