Top 5 Podcasts to Boost Your Mind
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Top 5 Podcasts to Boost Your Mind

With a million podcasts to choose from, sometimes it can be a fickle thing to find one that hooks you. Below are my favorite podcasts that boosted learning pathways in my brain.

Top 5 Podcasts to Boost Your Mind

This is a response to "What I Wish I Could Tell My Middle School Self".

The Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett 

@ CEO David

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett comes in at number 1. With episodes concurring of business and life lessons, nutrition, sleep, celebrity interviews, case backed studies, relationship guidance, self-help, and an array of other topics, this podcast allows me to learn something different every time I listen. This interview hits the nail in the head with asking thought provoking questions to his guests and really digging into the "why" of what is being talked about on the show. Episodes vary from 10 minutes to over an hour.

The Psychology of your 20's

yellow inflatable ring on persons handPhoto by Matthew Ball on Unsplash

Ringing in at number 2 is The Psychology of your 20's. With your 20's being one of the most transitional, formative years of your life, it is no wonder a podcast has been created to nip in the bud the self doubt and worry that we all our feel in these years. This podcast covers eating disorders, worrying about the future, casual dating, healing the inner child, outgrowing friendships, therapy, attachment styles, and much more.

On Purpose with Jay Shetty

File:Jay Shetty Headshot 2021.jpg - Wikimedia

Number 3 is On Purpose with Jay Shetty. If you haven't seen this guy, you will soon. Most people can find him interviewing celebrities and guiding wisdom filled conversations with his guests. He is one of the most interesting people being a former monk and guides the convo into a warm story. His podcasts lean on the self-help category with an aim to help people find purpose in their day to day lives. Episodes range from vulnerability, self-awareness, gut heath, trauma, confidence to morning routines and being productive.

The Mindset Mentor with Rob Dial and Kast Media

The word Mindset on white background | 🇩🇪Professional Phot… |

At number 4 is the Mindset Mentor podcast. I have been listening to this guy for quite a while now. Perfect to learn business skills and an entrepreneurial mindset, Rob dials it in with conversations about neurology, psychology, neurobiology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and childhood development. If you want a podcast that challenges you to take a look at your current life and what you can do to improve it from a professional and personal standpoint, this podcast is for you.

Science Vs

NASA - Mars Science Laboratory

Last but certainly not least is Science Vs. I nerd out on science and always want to understand why things work the way they do. Between the fads and strong opinions in the science world, lines can get blurred from what is objective. This podcasts solidifies facts and puts a foot down on what is fluff. From fasting diets, pandemics, vaping, hypnosis, mass shootings, composting human bodies, Veganism and more, you wont get bored or find a topic that does not interest you. Bring the classroom to your earbuds with this amazingly diverse podcast.

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