The Top 5 Albums By Gay Men That Excel At Representation
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The Top 5 Albums By Gay Men That Excel At Representation

These five albums by gay men put their sexuality front and center.

The Top 5 Albums By Gay Men That Excel At Representation

One of the many stereotypes gay men face is that we love pop music. However, it's interesting how most of the icons we worship in pop music are women. Very rarely is there an openly gay male artist with the ability to put his sexuality front and center. If they do, chances of them gaining mainstream recognition are slim at best. All the while, women can be just as sexual as they want.

It's an unfair double standard, but that doesn't mean we don't have artists who defy these societal norms. Here are the top five albums by gay men who put their sexuality front and center.

5. "RA" - Simon Curtis

Clearly inspired by the dark vibe of Britney Spears' "Blackout," Simon Curtis left his mark with this album. A dark, dance-pop record, "RA" deals with themes of heartbreak and sex. The track "Flesh," has been described as a "bottoming anthem."

4. "For Your Entertainment" - Adam Lambert

After his explosive success on "American Idol," Adam Lambert released his first solo album in the fall of 2009. The album features tracks like "Fever" and the title track, the latter of which was the center of controversy. The song was performed at the American Music Awards, where Lambert was criticized for his overtly sexual performance. Lambert offered no apologies, pointing out the double standard gay men face compared to women.

3. "That's So Gay" - Pansy Division

Pop-punk legends Pansy Division released their "That's So Gay" album in 2009. The record, like most of their discography, touches on issues real gay men face. Topics on the album range from sex to bullying to closeted politicians.

2. "No Place In Heaven" - Mika

Mika's "No Place In Heaven" album is arguably his gayest album. He tackles religion on tracks like "Oh Girl You're The Devil" and the title track. He also laments over a straight friend that he can't have on "Good Wife." "Last Party" feels like a tribute to those lost during the AIDS epidemic. Mika has always incorporated LGBTQ themes in his work and this album continues that tradition.

1. "Bloom" - Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan has set a blueprint for a whole new generation of openly gay male artists. With his sophomore effort, "Bloom," he is unapologetically gay throughout. The album touches on a number of gay experiences. From bottoming on the title track to hooking up with an older man on "Seventeen," this album is a celebration of being a gay man.

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