3 Books You Should Read By The Beach

Since I was in high school, I always had a bunch of boring books that I was forced to read and analyze over the summer for AP or honors classes. Now that those times are behind me, I have found that reading is actually quite relaxing. In fact, I could actually finish a book in a day, something I could never do back in high school. So far this summer I have finished three books, and since they're all so different, I figured I would share them with you all to pass on these great novels.

'The Way I Used To Be' by Amber Smith

This book falls in the emotional category, so I wouldn't recommend it if you aren't ready to tear up a little bit. This book had me hooked from the moment I opened it. To give you a brief synopsis, it is a novel about a girl named Eden who is raped in her freshman year of high school. The book has four parts, each one documenting every year of her high school career and how she coped with her trauma. While I was reading this book, I could actually feel how Eden was feeling because of the intense details. I love books that make me emotional, so this was great for me. I finished it in two sittings: one at the pool and one in bed the same day. I actually surprised myself with how quickly I finished this book, but I simply couldn't put it down.

'Watch Me Disappear' by Janelle Brown

This book falls into the thriller, suspenseful genre and it is a great read for the beach or pool. I read this book the day after the previous novel, and it was equally as good. The book is about a father and daughter whose lives have been torn apart by the disappearance of the mother, Billie, a year prior while she was on a hike. The daughter, Olive, has a particularly hard time coping with this loss and begins to have vivid visions that her mother is alive and that she and her father need to find her. This novel was enthralling to read and kept me hooked. It is mysterious and I never wanted to put it down. I didn't finish this one quite as quickly as the previous book. but it was still amazing nonetheless.

'You Are A Badass' by Jen Sincero

I feel like nearly everyone has heard of this amazing self-help book, but I need to reiterate how great it is for a summer read. Sometimes in the summer, we tend to feel a little bit down about ourselves. Whether it be feeling down about how we feel in a bathing suit or feeling envious of everyone going on lavish vacations while we're at home working, summer is the perfect time to get into the self-care grind. This book opens up your mind and helps you realize how great you truly are, inside and out. Self-help books are great for the soul and great in the summer. This book has made me realize my true worth and that I shouldn't be envious or worried about what others think. This book is a great addition to your summer reading list, guaranteed

Summer books are a great way to unwind. From novels that make you cry to novels that make you realize your self-worth, summer is a perfect time to fit in your pleasure reading before getting back to school. Obviously, there are thousands of other books you can read, but these three have been my favorite so far this summer.

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