Why is October 7, 2016 such an exciting day for the music world? It is the date of some of some of the most highly anticipated albums from bands such as Green Day, Sum 41, Alter Bridge, OneRepublic, and NOFX. Without further ado, here are the top three albums to obtain this Friday:

3.) Set It Off - "Upside Down"

I can almost guarantee you're asking yourself the question "who is Set It Off?" Well, SIO is a pop/punk/melodic band that might be the hottest band in the pop rock music scene right now. Singer Cody Carson's heavenly, melodic vocals combine with edgy guitar riffs and catchy drum beats to form a one of a kind sound. Their new album "Upside Down" features the song "Uncontainable," which can be frequently heard on ESPN to set that perfect mode in the middle of an intense sporting event. The other single of "Upside Down" titled "Something New" is an instant party-anthem, which wouldn't surprise me if it took the radio stations by storm. Watch out for Set It Off, as their forthcoming release will surely propel them into bright future for the band.

2.) Sum 41 - "13 Voices"

Don't call it a Sum-back, because the Canadian rock band's new album is sure to their popularity to the next levels. I recently saw Sum 41 over the summer as they headlined the Vans Warped Tour, where they won back fans of young and old alike as they tore through a set of favorites such as "Fat Lip" and "In Too Deep," in addition to their newest single "Fake My Own Death." Sum 41's new album address various topics from the Pop music industry, cultural changes in America, and lead singer Deryck Whibley's recent hospitalization for alcoholism. Don't sleep on "13 Voices," as it is surely to regain the faith of old and new Sum 41 fans around the world.

1.) Green Day - "Revolution Radio"

Everybody's favorite politics-hating, punk rock band Green Day set to make their return to super stardom once their newest album "Revolution Radio" hits the shelves this Friday. "Revolution Radio" could not have a come out a more opportune time, as Billy Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Trè Cool finally put into music about what is on everybody's mind about the presidential debate. Their hottest single, which is appropriately titled "Bang Bang" offers their of piece of mind about mass shooters that coexist within a society of narcissistic social media. "Revolution Radio" will be sure to turn heads, just as much as their previous records "American Idiot" and "Dookie" have infamously done in the past.