Top 13 Tips To Enjoy Paris
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13 Tips You Should Know If You Ever Visit Paris

Le words of wisdom to the wicked while in Paris

13 Tips You Should Know If You Ever Visit Paris
Sagarika Roychoudhury

Did you succeed in convincing your parents that you need to go to Paris for the summer? Did you perhaps convince them that your cultural rejuvenation was simply incomplete without the eternal city of love? OR perhaps you fooled yourself into thinking that you need this trip? Well, whatever it may be, now that you have decided to spend your time, money, and sanity in Paris, how should you make the best of it?

Here are 13 ways to make sure you live your best life in PARIS!!

More or less Applicable to time spent in any city you foray into.

1. Starting with the painfully obvious... if you are planning a short trip, make a game plan beforehand.

The internet is your friend and make good use of it please before you land in Paris.

2. Everyone in Paris speaks English

Do not approach anyone with the thought that they might not be able to speak English. Although a little Bonjour or Bonsoir never hurt anyone and of course Merci!

3. Don’t tire yourself with tourist traps

Do not try to hit all the popular spots on the same day. For example the Eiffel Tower, Arc du Triamph, Notre Dame and Louvre are all relatively far from each other (abt 30 mins distance between each). If you can then try to space them out over a few days

4. Use your time wisely

Although if you are there for a small amount of time make use of the public transport and hit them all up.

5. Public Transport = Savior

Public transport will also be your best friend. If you are from LA and can't comprehend the pleasures of a functional public transport system then Paris will calmly walk you through it.

6. Embrace the cheap and efficient public transport

The Metro is 1.9 Euros and the bus is 2 Euros no matter where you go.

7. If all else fails, get your daily steps in and WALK

If public transport is not your thing and uber/taxi is a luxury, you can always walk everywhere.

8. Take the time to appreciate Parisian streets

The Parisian streets are enchanting and you can get lost in them (figuratively of course, they are very simple to navigate). You can keep walking for ages and not even realize that you have completed 5 miles!!

9. The French close shop a bit early

Places like grocery stores, local bakeries, and pharmacies close around 9 p.m. here so plan accordingly.

10. Sun's out for a loooong time

The sun also sets around 9:30 so do yourself a favor and prolong your visits at monuments because you will have a lot of daylight to get that perfect "golden hour" picture

11. Don't fear the French

The French are a gentle and calm people, so when in a public place have some chill and don't be loud.

12. Beware that tipping is different in Europe

International Economics lesson: tip and tax are always included in the final check, so don't be pressured to do perform complicated mathematics! But feel free to tip more if you are feeling it!

13. Embrace the city, you are in Paris

Honestly, spend your time just roaming the city and soaking in the milieu, your picture at the Eiffel Tower isn't going to bring world peace so instead of stressing about it just live the city.

WELL, you are all ready for your Parisian Vacation, now dust off that high school French and make your teacher and America proud in Europe!

Bon Voyage!

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