The Top 12 Best One Direction Songs Ever
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The Top 12 Best One Direction Songs Ever

"And we danced all night to the best song ever..."

The Top 12 Best One Direction Songs Ever

12. Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome is like the fandom's dirty little secret. It's kind of like a hidden track that the fandom loves but isn't willing to share with the rest of the world. With an awesome walking beat in the second verse and an awesome, catchy bridge, Stockholm Syndrome is definitely one of the best songs on their fourth album.

Best line: "but now together we're alone and there's no other place I'd ever want to go".

11. Little Things

Little Things, while sicken lay sweet and romantic, is a classic love song for One Direction fans. Yes it was overplayed on the radio and everyone thinks of this song when One Direction is mentioned right after "What Makes You Beautiful". But we all feel all the emotions when Niall sings "Maybe you'll love yourself like I... YOU SING!" at a concert answered by a deafening "LOVE YOU OHHHHHH!".

Best line: "You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you".

10. Best Song Ever

This is my personal favorite bop by One Direction. Sure there are great dance songs like Up All Night, Kiss You, Little White Lies, Clouds... the list goes on. But this is definitely a stand out single because of the amazing music video. When the band was still a five-some (RIP Zayn), they all dressed up as alter egos and pretended that they were managing their own band. The hilarity, the choreography, and the acting made this song ten times better.

Best line: "Said I had a dirty mouth but she kissed me like she meant it".

9. Through the Dark

Through the Dark is one of my favorite songs of all time. Between Liam starting everything off perfectly, Niall's bass notes, Harry's melodic voice throughout the chorus, Louis' soft solo in the second verse, and Zayn's smooth bridge, this song is golden. I mean, Louis and Liam wrote it so how could it possibly be anything other than perfection?

Best line: "I will carry you over fire and water for your love".

8. Home

Another one written by Louis and Liam off their Perfect EP, this song definitely pulls on the heartstrings. The lyrics alone are a work of art, Harry's falsetto is flawless, and the chorus is perfectly harmonized.

Best line: "Still high with a little feeling, I see the smile as it starts to creep in. It was there I saw it in your eyes".

7. Story of My Life

Although this is another overplayed, everybody-knows-this-song kind of single, it's still one of their best ones. Again, I think it's the music video that did it for me; a huge array of photos from all the boys' past are displayed throughout the music video while they stare into the distance of a giant concert hall. Epic and dramatic af, right?

Best line: "baby running after you is like chasing the clouds".

6. Moments

Ed Sheeran wrote this song which is why it's so damn good. It's a heart breaker, one that you listen to while getting over a breakup. The lyrics can speak to anyone, whether they've been through a heart break or not. Another reason why I like this song so much, is because all of the boys get a solo in this song. The other songs on their debut album mostly feature Liam, Harry, and Zayn while Moments includes them all.

Best line: Zayn's entire solo because DAMN.

5. AM

AM made the list for me because of a quote I read on Twitter that Louis noted about the song. He said between the album name and the song AM, it just reminded him of the making of the album and how it was made in the early hours of the morning. They were on tour the entire time they recorded this album and they had just lost Zayn. This song is soft, lyrically beautiful, and perfect in all the right ways.

Best line: "feel like this could be forever right now, don't wanna sleep cause we're dreaming out loud".

4. No Control

This is my favorite dance song of all time. No matter what time it is, what I'm doing, or where I am, I will dance along to this song or at the very least sing my heart out. No Control is one of the dirtiest, catchiest, most upbeat songs One Direction has ever done. This is also the first song they've ever produced where Louis sings the chorus. I mean, he wrote it so he deserves to, am I right?

Oh, and have you seen the carpool karaoke session with James Corden where they coordinate outfits and a dance to this song?

Best line: "in the heat where you lay, I could stay right here and burn in it all day".

3. What A Feeling

I love this song. It's definitely one of the most out-there songs the boys have ever done and it feels like you've just stepped into an 80's night club when you hear the first chords. The entire production of this song is literally art and the lyrics are top notch. Again, Louis and Liam wrote it so how could you expect anything less?

Best line: "the sky fell down but you've got stars in your yes".

2. 18

18 is arguably the best song one their fourth album, Four. Laced with poetic lyrics and a soft but climatic beat, 18 is truly a work of art. I mean, Ed Sheeran wrote is so how could it not be a poetic masterpiece? Not to mention Louis' solo made me weak in the knees the first time I heard it.

Best line: "let's split the night wide open and we'll see everything we can, living life in slow motion".

1. Over Again

Another piece written by Ed Sheeran, Over Again is personally my favorite One Direction song of all time. Half the lyrics don't make any sense but the rhythms and melodies are so beautiful, who even cares?

Best line: "I might miss everything you said to me".

*Bonus Song*: Right Now

If you've seen their movie, "This Is Us", you know exactly why I included this song. The 1D Project the crowd did in the movie that night brought tears to my eyes and made my heart ache. Not to mention it is my favorite song off Midnight Memories.

Best line: "and let's go crazy together".

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