All time low is underrated enough to account for every one of their songs. They pour their hearts out into almost every album, put out bops that literally anyone can jam to and yet, they still struggle to get on the charts. But artists, and I use that term lightly, that say the same word eighty times or sing about having sex with random people can hit number one each week? Yeah, let's not go there.

However, some of their songs are so underrated that I can't fathom. The only ones that seem to appreciate them are the fans that have been around since the beginning, aka me. These are the top ten most underrated All Time Low songs ever.

Also please enjoy gif usage of the idiots, being idiots.

1. Shameless - So Wrong It's Right

Shameless is song that you listen to with your hands up in the air, dancing around your room. Even though the song is actually about someone who is fake in everything they do. It's a classic All Time Low sound and lyrics.

2. If These Sheets Were States - Don't Panic

This song, it's about sex. More specifically, phone sex. Yes, believe it or not, All Time Low coined the phrase "Pillow Talk" years before Zayn did. This song is about being in a long distance relationship and how you'd do just about anything to get that person to next to you.

3. Guts - Dirty Work

Now I know we don't like Dirty Work.. don't attack me.. but there had to be at least one good underrated one on there.

Guts is a song about going for your dreams, not giving up and working until you get what you want. It doesn't matter the subject matter, if you listen to this song before asking someone out or even going into an interview, you will feel like you can conquer the world.

4. Tidal Waves - Future Hearts

This song features Mark "Daddy" Hoppus. If you don't know who Mark Hoppus is, please stop reading this and go culture yourself.

5. Caroline (B-Side) - Straight to DVD II

Guess what, another song about sex. This song is super upbeat and about how instead of a threesome to someone being in love with one person. Aside from that, it's a song that you can turn on during a party and still keep everyone pumped up!

6. The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver - Don't Panic

This song is a straight up bop. It's the biggest "fuck you" that all time low has ever written. This song goes out to the exes that always try to pop back up into your life. It's for the fuck boys that text you at two o'clock in the morning. It's for the person that is always talking shit about you, that can't just let you be happy. They always have to say something to bring you down.

7. Walls - Nothing Personal

Walls is a great love song. It's about finally letting someone in. Letting the walls that you kept up go down and let yourself be loved by someone that really cares about you. I'm usually not one for sappy love songs, just because they're always in that tone.. you know what i'm talking about, but this one is upbeat and positive and honestly a love song that you would miss if you weren't listening closely.

8. Ground Control - Last Young Renegade

With the galaxy theme going here, it's a groovy little song that just about anyone can relate to. It's two of the biggest LGBTQ+ artists on it, Tegan and Sara, and it's a different side of All Time Low that older fans hadn't experienced before and honestly, I'm here for it. It's all about having someone to keep you grounded. Also, this is one of Alex's favorite songs on the new album, so.

9. Cinderblock Garden - Future Hearts

You know how there's a song that just feels like it was written just for you? It's a song that every time you hear it, you feel whole and good? You feel complete? This is that song. Every time I listen to Cinderblock Garden, I feel like I can conquer the world in a day. I can finish anything I start or put my mind to. It makes me feel important and that someone cares about who I am.

10. Painting Flowers - Almost Alice

I will fight anyone that tries to disagree. This song is a bop that almost no one knows, they never play (probably because of copyright and Disney yada yada), and when I mention it to other fans, they don't like to acknowledge it.

There you have it, do you agree with my choices? Now that you've been cultured, take the time to listen to these bops and find out that pretty much all of their songs are really underrated. You're Welcome.