10 Taco Bell Items That Are So Delicious
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10 Taco Bell Items That Are So Delicious You'll Probably Head Over To The Drive-Thru Right Now

This is the list of lists.

10 Taco Bell Items That Are So Delicious You'll Probably Head Over To The Drive-Thru Right Now

Before I get into this list, I must mention a couple of things or tidbits:

I've written a lot of serious articles lately, so I felt the need to write something that would be lighter. With that being said, this is still a very serious article.

I also wrote this while I was hungry, so that might have mixed up how certain items were ranked.

I also must rise to the defense of this restaurant that has taken a lot of flack recently. Is it Mexican food? Absolutely not. Is it Tex-Mex? Wrong again. But Taco Bell doesn't claim to be either. It's just good, greasy, cheap fast food (They have the best dollar menu don't @ me). We go there not for the quality of food but for the quality. We go there not to eat right but to eat sinfully. We go there because there is no other place like the Bell.

So, read this, dive in, and get in your car and go get some Bell! My choices might make some of you angry or perplexed... but give it a chance:

First, some favorites that quite didn't make the cut:

-Doritos Locos Taco (Any flavor) There just isn't enough seasoning to make up for it!

-Quesadillas (Any meat)

-Regular Tacos (Bueno does them better)

-I should also say I LOVE Taco Bell's breakfast, but for this list, I kept the entries strictly for Lunch and Dinner.

And now, let's go! These are not in any particular order.

Cheesy Rollup

So good. So cheesy. So cheap. This seems like a snack you would have made when you were 7, but I could literally eat these by the bagful.

Spicy Potato Soft Taco

Another winner from the Dollar Menu. The potatoes and chipotle sauce win piled with lettuce and cheese on a soft taco.

Loaded Potato Griller

Another potato selection. The grillers have been a hit since they were first introduced, and these potato ones simply kill it!

Crunchwrap Supreme

An oldie but a goodie. It just doesn't get any more Taco Bell than this.

Quesarito (Preferably with Steak)

Who would have thought to make this wonderful creation? The people at Taco Bell, that's right. One is enough to fill you up for sure... and leave you wanting more.

Shredded Mini-Chicken Quesadilla

The only quesadilla to make the list is only a buck. But man it's so worth it. It's a little piece of Heaven wrapped in foil.

Cinnamon Twists

These are my dad's favorite. He always used to get them when we got Taco Bell for dinner. Maybe that's why they are on here. Or maybe they are just the best sweet finish to a greasy meal.

Regular Nachos

I don't need a ton of nachos. I don't need them to make a whole meal. Just give me a bag of chips with a cup of cheese. It's the perfect addition to whatever else you are having.

Soft Taco

The original soft taco. Bueno makes a better regular one, but grab a soft one at Bell with some mild or hot sauce and it's as good as it gets.

Cheesy Gordita Crunch

My favorite. It's classic. It's essential. It's the physical representation of what Bell is. If you have never tried one, you need to. Today.

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