Top 10 Pros and Cons of the Gilmore Girls Revival
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Top 10 Pros and Cons of the Gilmore Girls Revival

They're back and better than ever! Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Top 10 Pros and Cons of the Gilmore Girls Revival

Let's face it, the Gilmore girls will forever be the queens of our hearts. We have all wished we were them. They have been our friends. We watched Rory grow up, we were along for every Luke and Lorelei moment, every meltdown, every junk food feast, and every Friday night dinner.

That's why the world almost had a heart attack when Netflix announced the revival. I planned my Black Friday around the release date, and watched all four episodes in one sitting with a large cup of coffee to celebrate.

I collected my top 5 pros and top 5 cons of the new revival episodes to honor the mother-daughter duo that our live revolved around for 7 seasons. Warning: spoilers ahead!


1. ALL of the originals came back!

Literally everyone! Even lesser roles like Zach, Gypsy, Jason, Doyle, and Finn. I was so surprised by how many people came back. Even Ms. Patty and Babette. Before the series aired, I had heard rumors that the only cast member who would not be returning was Melissa McCarthy. I was so upset, and through the first three episodes I was slightly depressed that Sookie wasn't around. Then the final episode did a perfect job of bringing her back into the story and toying with our heart strings. Everyone was back, and that just goes to show what an important show Gilmore Girls has become to not only us, but the actors as well.

2. The feels!

TV has never made me cry so many times in one sitting. They did such a good job wrenching the hearts of the Gilmore Girls fans. Just the right amount of feels. I cried during the first minute of the first episode when they played all of the important lines from Gilmores past. I cried when Lorelei realized her favorite Richard memory. I cried when Sookie came back. I cried when Rory sat down to write at Richard's desk. And don't even get me started on the final four words.

3. Rory is a creature of habit.

I was so happy to see that despite the ten year difference, Rory was still Rory. She kept her two best friends that were there from season one. She graduated from an ivy league school, and worked in journalism. Those are all things she wanted from day one, and years later baby Lorelei is still the same girl.

4. Emily finally becomes a dynamic character.

OK, the show just isn't the same without Richard, but it was so refreshing to see Emily finally open her eyes to how extreme her life has always been. I loved watching her grow on her own and find her voice. This was probably one of my favorite character changes in the entire series. She found her strength and learned to stand as Emily Gilmore instead of Richard's wife. Loved it.

5. The Gilmore's are like good cheese.

They just get better with age. Their relationship seems stronger, especially considering the time they've had to spend apart with Rory's ever changing jobs. They are both as beautiful as ever. They both are still independent, head strong ladies, and they have both gracefully stumbled through their precious little lives.


1. No Richard.

I feel like we all lost our grandpa when Edward Herrmann passed away. He was such an amazing addition to the show. It was so hard to wrap my head around the fact that he wouldn't be there. I felt so horrible for Emily, Rory, and Lorelei. But they did such a good job including him and honoring his memory.

2. What the heck was that stupid play?

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At first, the idea of a play based on Stars Hollow sounded alright, and then it lasted forever! Maybe you don't agree, but I felt like they could have used that time for something else. The play was so irrelevant and strange. I felt like I wasn't watching Gilmore Girls anymore. It was way too long, and I could feel my eyes glazing over.

3. A little hard to believe at times.

OK, I'm a die hard Gilmore fan, but some of the details were a little hard to believe. I found it hard to believe that Lane was still with Zach AND Paris was still involved with Doyle. It seems a little unrealistic for everyone to still be together 10 years later. I also found it a little hard to believe that Lane's band was still together with little to no progress. It was also a little strange that Lorelei was able to get Rachel Ray to work for her in a small town inn and then fired her. What small town inn owner would fire Rachel Ray? And what was the deal with Logan and his friends in gorilla suits? The talking raven and all the fog? Was that a daydream? Was it real? It was a little bit of a stretch from the show we know and love. Oh and what was the deal with Paul? Weird. One more thing...if Rory has a journalism degree from YALE, would she really resort to the Stars Hollow Gazette? I wouldn't.

4. Not enough Dean or Jess!

Personally, I'm team Jess. Logan's great and all, but I always thought he was boring and not passionate enough for he's engaged. I was hoping Dean and Jess would have larger roles in the revival.


HUGE SPOILER ALERT: RORY'S PREGNANT?????? How can that be the ending? How is that closure? How am I supposed to move on with my life on that note? I have never been so frustrated in my life! I understand that it's the circle of life, and Rory is meant to be like Lorelei, but couldn't they answer a few questions before hitting the credits? Who's the dad? What next? What about Rory's book? What about Lorelei and Luke's wedding that day? UGH! All we can do is pray for a Gilmore Girls revival two.

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