The Top 10 Must-Do's In Epcot

The Top 10 Must-Do's In Epcot

The best things to do in Epcot to ensure you have the best trip possible!

So you learned the 10 best things to do in the Magic Kingdom, but what about the other parks? Next up is Epcot, the futuristic park that looks at life today and the possibilities of tomorrow. Epcot consists of two lands, Future World and the World Showcase, and there are so many different shows and attractions in each that it's easy to let time fly away from you. Don't worry though, because here are the top 10 must-do's in the park to ensure that you see everything and have an amazing time.

10. Visit The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Contrary to popular belief, this is not a "Finding Nemo" meet-and-greet opportunity. However, The Seas has so many amazing attractions and experiences within it that it is very hard not to put this on a must-do list. First, there is a slow-moving ride where you can watch Nemo and friends interact with real fish in the aquarium. After the ride, you can explore the aquarium itself and visit Crush in the interactive show "Turtle Talk with Crush," where he responds to you and any questions you have for him! The Seas is mostly geared toward littler kids, but like everything Disney has to offer, it is completely family-friendly and should be enjoyed by those of all ages.

9. Ride Spaceship Earth

You know that massive golf ball that welcomes you into Epcot? Well, that is actually Spaceship Earth, the ride that embodies all that Epcot is. Follow along as you watch the evolution of communications technology in a slow-moving vehicle and discover how important it is to communicate with everyone around the world to create one, global community and a bright future - the themes that Epcot embodies. After the ride, there are some awesome futuristic arcade games that kids of all ages would love. While this ride may seem boring to some, it is one that is extremely beneficial to experience because it actually teaches an important lesson about the world.

8. Visit the Epcot Character Spot

Say you went to Magic Kingdom the other day and did not get the photo with Mickey Mouse that you wanted so desperately. Well, fear not! Future World has a hidden gem called the Epcot Character Spot where you can meet all of the classic characters, Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy, in the same room! The line is usually no longer than 25 minutes, and it's an incredible opportunity to take some great photos with characters in the air conditioning.

P.S. The World Showcase also has plenty of opportunities to meet different characters. Donald Duck is usually in Mexico, Anna and Elsa are in Norway (beginning June 21), Mulan is in China, Snow White in Germany, Aladdin and Jasmine are in Morocco, Alice, Mary Poppins and Winnie the Pooh are in England and Aurora and Belle are in France. The times for each character are usually listed in the times guide or on the MyDisneyExperience app, so make sure to check before you rush over!

7. Ride Test Track

For any thrill seekers, this ride is for you. Test Track is the fastest ride in Walt Disney World, and it is definitely worth the wait. Design a futuristic car using a kiosk in line and, on the ride, see how it fares in the many road tests you experience yourself. Then, near the end of the ride, launch outside and experience three fast loops around the building. Test Track will definitely make you exit the ride feeling refreshed and excited for the rest of your day!

P.S. This attraction is one of the only ones that has a single rider line, so use it! The line is always drastically shorter.

6. Enjoy the Shows in the World Showcase

Unlike Future World, the World Showcase represents different cultures in today's world through 11 different pavilions: Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, America, Japan, Morocco, England, France and Canada. Many of these pavilions have special shows to watch that really display each country's culture. For example, Japan has a drumming show which you can hear from almost any other country. China has its famed acrobats, and Morocco has a seductive belly-dancer. There are also short movies in the China, France and Canada pavilions, as well as a massive show in America called "The American Adventure," which takes you through American history hosted by Mark Twain and Ben Franklin! These shows run constantly throughout the day, so be sure to check your times guide to figure out when you could stop by.

P.S. One of my personal favorite shows is tucked in the back of England, called "The British Revolution." It's a rock band that plays all types of hits by popular Brits like The Beatles, The Who and Queen. Make sure to stop by!

5. Eat Around the World!

Another amazing feature of the World Showcase is its food. For 11 different countries, there are 11 different cuisines to try. So, instead of eating one, large meal in one of the countries, I recommend buying a small item from each place so you can taste a bit of each cuisine. This is a really great way to make your way around the World Showcase in a fun way!

P.S. And, if you are 21 years or older, you will also have the opportunity to drink around the world. But be warned, Florida heat is not usually conducive to a fun drinking experience.

4. Ride Journey into Imagination with Figment

While this ride is ignored by many, I feel that this is one of the better rides Epcot has to offer. Figment is a classic character, and he teaches you the importance of using your imagination in our world today. It often has a very small line because it is one of the more unpopular attractions, but I see it as a definite must-do for any Disney fan. Figment an incredible character, and many do not even know about him because they do not ride this attraction. There is also an interactive area for kids of all ages, which is a lot of fun for the entire family after the ride is over. I highly recommend riding this attraction because it is one of the more hidden gems of Epcot, and you will fall in love with Figment after it is over.

3. Explore the World Showcase

We already talked about the shows and food of the World Showcase, but one of the best things you could do is explore each pavilion thoroughly. Each nation has something unique to offer you, whether it be the shopping or the general atmosphere of it. The World Showcase's main concept is for you to learn about each nation, and exploring said pavilions are extremely important in your learning experience. So, make sure to take some time out of your busy schedule and just absorb what each place offers you. I can guarantee that it will make your day even better!

2. Watch "Illuminations: Reflections of Earth"

Just like Magic Kingdom has a fireworks show, Epcot's version is called "Illuminations: Reflections of Earth." It takes place in the lagoon surrounding World Showcase and is a fireworks, laser and pyrotechnic show. It tells the story of how the world came to be, how humanity developed over the centuries and our immense potential for the future. It's at nine p.m. every night, and the best spots are always the ones facing the entire World Showcase without entering any country. However, you are able to see the fireworks while standing in any one of the pavilions as well, but be warned - the views are usually obstructed, and the effect will not be the same.

1. Ride Soarin'

And, the best thing to do in Epcot is ride Soarin'. It is located in The Land pavilion over in Future World, and is easily the best ride in the park. Sit in a hang glider and fly over a giant IMAX screen that takes you away to locations all over California. And, beginning on June 17, you will be able to glide all over the world. I highly recommend getting a FastPass for this attraction, because the wait is over an hour all day. But it's definitely worth riding. It whisks you away to different places and makes you feel like you are really there. So, ride Soarin'! It is an incredible experience, one that you will not forget.

Whenever you visit Epcot, be sure to follow these must-do's, and you will be in incredible shape!

Cover Image Credit: Maryanna Antoldi

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Cover Image Credit: Hollywood Reporter

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The Zodiac Signs As Bath And Body Works Scents

Just in case you want to know what scent you are!

Bath and Body Works fans could be considered to be part of a cult. The scents draw you in as if calling your name, if you ever
wondered what your scent should be based on your zodiac sign, here it is!

Aries: Country Apple

The rather impulsive Aries takes their time picking and choosing the scents from Bath and Body Works. The soothing scent of a fresh apple orchard is just what they need on a daily basis to keep up with their shenanigans.

Taurus: Japanese Cherry Blossom

The personality of a Taurus is stubborn, or what I like to say, is stuck in their ways. When they first discovered this scent in middle school, this was it. This is the only scent you will find anywhere around a Taurus.

Libra: Pink Chiffon

Pink Chiffon is another cult classic. This best selling scent went out of style for a hot second but is back and bigger than ever.

Leo: Thousand Wishes

Thousand Wishes is a purr-fect scent for a Leo. The light scent adornes the wearer just the right amount to get the desired reaction from those around them.

Aquarius: Be Enchanted

The rather cold personality of an Aquarius is counteracted by the loving scent of Be Enchanted. The scent is just enough tenderness for the wearer to be relaxed.

Gemini: Moonlight Path

Gemini's constantly change their favorite scent and are in and out of the store almost weekly to by new lotions, candles, and body washes. You will never see a full empty bottle of anything, however, Moonlight Path is the scent they keep coming back to again and again.

Virgo: Sea Island Cotton

The clean personality of a Virgo must be matched with the clean scent of Sea Island Cotton.

Capricorn: Cucumber Melon

Another clean scent of Cucumber Melon is the exact thing a Capricorn needs. The balance and calming scents are what make this scent so attractive to a Capricorn.

Scorpio: Paris Amour

The light scent is what you would expect from an extreme sign like a Scorpio. The scent lightly washes over the wearer in almost a cloud that

Sagittarius: Cashmere Glow

Cashmere Glow is a perfect scent for the winter sign. The vanilla and golden peach scent is just the mixture that creates the perfect accessory in the chilly months.

Pisces: Warm Vanilla Sugar

This lovely scent accentuates the lovely personality of a Pisces. They can never get enough of this scent so they just keep buying and buying until they have a full stockpile.

Cancer: Velvet Sugar

Velvet Sugar is the perfect blend of red velvet and strawberries and a Cancer is always changing their mind. The wearer can tell if it is a more red velvet or strawberry kind of day, and that is the balance that they need in their lives.

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