The Top 10 Most Inspiring TED Talks Under 5 Minutes

1. "Remember to say thank you" - Laura Trice

Two simple words: "Thank you."

2. "Try something new for 30 days" - Matt Cutts

Stuck in a rut? Want to try something new?

3. "How I built a windmill" - William Kamkwamba

Never think your dreams are too big.

4. "3 things I learned while my plane crashed" - Ric Elias

"I no longer try to be right. I choose to be happy."

5. "A life lesson from a volunteer firefighter" - Mark Bezos

Don't wait to change someone's life.

6. "The danger of silence" - Clint Smith

"We spend so much time listening to the things people are saying that we rarely pay attention to the things they don't."

7. "The best gift I ever survived" - Stacey Kramer

What to do when you're faced with an overwhelming trial or hardship.

8. "3 ways to speak English" - Jamila Lyiscott

What does it really mean to be articulate?

9. "A father-daughter bond, one photo at a time" - Steven Addis

Don't just live. Create memories.

10. "Love letters to strangers" - Hannah Brencher

I have no words. This is truly beautiful.

*Bonus Video*

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir: "Lux Aurumque"

This is a gorgeous example of how great technology can be.

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