The 10 Best Madonna Music Videos Of All-Time
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The 10 Best Madonna Music Videos Of All-Time

Known around the world as the Queen of Pop, here are Madonna's ten definitive videos.

The 10 Best Madonna Music Videos Of All-Time

Madonna has been ruling pop culture for the past four decades. She is known around the world as the Queen of Pop, and with good reason. Not only has she been making timeless pop music and groundbreaking concert tours, but iconic music videos as well.

With issues ranging from politics to religion to sexuality, Madonna's videos have served as a commentary on our world. Here are her ten definitive music videos.

10. God Control

Madonna's latest incarnation, Madame X, has helped her deliver some of her strongest work. In the video for "God Control," Madonna touches on the issue of gun control in America. By showing the events backwards, the video helps drive the point home that we all need to wake up and pay attention.

9. Hung Up

This video pays homage to "Saturday Night Fever" and the entire seventies disco era. It was the perfect way to kick off the "Confessions on a Dance Floor" era, which ended up being one of Madonna's best albums.

8. American Life (Original Version) 

The original video for "American Life" was filmed before the United States war with Iraq started. Originally intending to help prevent war with the video's message, the war broke out before the clip was ready for release. Out of sensitivity, Madonna pulled this version, opting for a less stellar video.

7. The Power Of Good-Bye

The combination of beautiful colors and breathtaking shots make this a worthy video for one of the best songs on 1998's "Ray of Light" album.

6. Rain

Fun fact: this video was actually filmed in black and white. The color was added afterwards in post-production. It's also one of the most beautiful songs on one of her most underrated albums, "Erotica."

5. Bad Girl

Starring Christopher Walken as her guardian angel, Madonna's video for "Bad Girl" is her most cinematic. Telling the story of a self-destructive woman's downfall, this video features a plot in a way videos rarely do today.

4.  Papa Don't Preach

Filmed in Staten Island, the video for "Papa Don't Preach" deserves a spot on this list for the gorgeous views of New York City alone. It also features the iconic "Italians Do It Better" t-shirt.

3. Vogue

Inspired by the underground dance style, Madonna's video for "Vogue" is a tribute to an important part of the gay subculture. Featuring real vogue dancers from New York City, this is an example of Madonna helping build representation for the LGBTQ community.

2. Justify My Love

This was Madonna's first video to be completely banned from MTV. In an age before YouTube, this was actually a big deal. Madonna's decision to release the video on VHS was also a big deal. The controversy only helped the song and video to be a huge success. Madonna was one of the few artists who could pull that off.

1. Like A Prayer

This video caused controversy when it was released. It includes images of burning crosses, a black Jesus, and stigmata. Religious groups were offended and prompted Pepsi to pull their commercial featuring Madonna and the song. The video, however, remained in rotation on MTV. At the heart of the video, however, is a message about racism and defending people who are being mistreated. Unfortunately, this was a message few could focus on.

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