Top 10 Lessons For Incoming College Freshmen
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Student Life

Top 10 Lessons For Incoming College Freshmen

Welcome to college.

Top 10 Lessons For Incoming College Freshmen
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If freshman year was a television show, it would be Naked and Afraid. This first year of college is both physically and emotionally demanding; you're getting less sleep, eating no vegetables, and you'll most likely cry at some point and won't really have an explanation for it. You very quickly learn many important lessons that were no where to found in any college brochure or handbook, which may cause your sanity may waver.

Here are ten things that every incoming college freshman should recognize and learn to value as soon as they're dropped off at their new dorm room.

1. The value of money

The ramen noodles every night lifestyle is terrifyingly accurate. You'll soon discover how fast you can go through $100 but also how long you can last on $10.

2. The value of social skills

In high school you're forced to be around friends and enemies alike for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. In college, however, everyone's on their own schedule and does their own thing. If you want friends, you'll have to work for them.

3. The value of patience

Things don't always go right the first time. Or the second. Or sometimes even the third. Long gone are the days when your parents could send a quick email and solve all your problems-- you'll quickly discover that you need to become your own advocate ((which will require a lot of patience)).

4. The value of diligence

Most professors include important assignments and dates on their course syllabi, leaving it up to you to stay on top of your work. Unfortunately, college life presents many distractions and it's very easy to lose track of time-- without diligence you'll quickly be victimized by procrastination.

5. The value of respect

College is a time of growth; leave the immaturity and petty behavior in high school. This means tolerating obnoxious roommates and aggravating professors, regardless of your negative personal opinions of them. If you want respect, you need to earn it.

6. The value of determination

You're not in college to test the capabilities of your liver, find a boyfriend or girlfriend, or spend all your time binge watching Netflix while eating Easy Mac. You're in school for an education, so you need to treat your time spent there as such. In order to be successful you need to want to be successful, so you need to be actively ambitious and on the move to kick some butt.

7. The value of individualism

In high school it's very easy to get caught up in trends and become a member of the common herd, but in college there are endless opportunities to discover who you are as a person. It's extremely important to take advantage of this, and seek out ways to get involved that will help you to develop as an individual.

8. The value of listening

As a freshman in college, you most likely have the least to offer in terms of knowledge and/or experiences out of anyone on campus. Sit back and listen up to what others have to say, and benefit from the lessons that others have already learned.

9. The value of family

After the first couple weeks of school you'll begin to miss home cooked meals, a comfortable bed, lectures from your parents, and arguments with your siblings. Keep these feelings in mind when you're back home for holidays and breaks, and take full advantage of being around your family.

10. The value of self respect

Above all else, stay true to yourself. College is a time for immense growth, but don't lose track of your own morals in the process.

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