Top 10 Best Pokemon X/Y Mega Evolutions

Top 10 Best Pokemon X/Y Mega Evolutions

Gotta evolve em' all!

Before we get into this list, I just want to give a little disclaimer. Just like political news articles, this piece is highly opinion-based and biased. The title of "best" Pokemon is a very broad statement, so your definition of a good Pokemon might be different than mine. I'm mainly categorizing my favorites in terms of looks, stats, and abilities. I also didn't add any legendary mega evolutions on this list (sorry Mewtwo fans). So why isn't this article titled, "Top 10 of John's Favorite Pokemon Mega Evolutions?" The answer is simple. Who would seriously click on an article with a title like that? But hey, since you're already here, you might as well stick around and see what Pokemon I picked out. So without further ado, here are my top 10 best Pokemon Mega Evolutions.

10. Mega Garchomp

We're starting off this list with the infinitely badass Mega Garchomp. Aside from looking like an absolute beast, Mega Garchomp gains an insane amount of attack power and the ability "sand force." This ability increases any rock, ground, or steel type attack performed by Mega Garchomp in a sandstorm by 30 percent. This new ability cements Mega Garchomp as the true king of the desert! The only reason that Mega Garchomp isn't higher on this list is because his mega evolution loses a lot of speed.

9. Mega Mawile

Only two words are needed to describe why Mega Mawile is on this list. HUGE. POWER. Mega Mawile's new ability "huge power" doubles her physical attack. Couple that with a boost to her attack stat, and it becomes clear why you shouldn't mess with Mega Mawile!

8. Mega Scizor

Number eight on our list is the monstrous Mega Scizor. Even without mega evolution, Scizor is still one of the best bug types around, only having one weakness and loads of attack power to dish out major damage. Unfortunately for this metal bug, most of his learned moves deal very low damage. Mega Scizor eliminates this issue with his ability "technician." Technician allows any move with 40 or less power to hit with a 1.5x power boost. This, plus a major attack, defense, and speed boost, makes Mega Scizor's bullet punch a terror to behold.

7. Mega Aggron

Number seven is one of my all-time favorite steel-type Pokemon. Aggron is the definition of a tank in battle, having stellar defense and fair punishing power. However, Aggron's fatal flaw was his steel/rock type combo which gave him a 4x weakness to ground and fighting types. This allowed any fighting or ground type Pokemon to rip through him as if he were wet toilet paper. Mega Aggron covers up these weaknesses by losing his rock typing. Yes, Mega Aggron loses a type in order to reduce his weaknesses. As a pure steel type, Mega Aggron's 4x weaknesses are reduced to simple 2x weaknesses. But wait, there's more! Mega Aggron's defense stat goes through the roof and he gains the ability "filter." Filter reduces damage dealt by super-effective attacks by 25 percent. Coupled with Mega Aggron's amazing defense, filter ensures that Mega Aggron will tank even super-effective attacks.

6. Mega Venusaur

Number six on our list is one of the original Kanto starters. Believe it or not, there were other Kanto starters besides Charmander. One of these other starters was Bulbasaur, a grass type who was vastly underplayed because of his low speed, generally low stats, and variety of typing weaknesses which got him one-hit KOed most of the time. Bulbasaur's final evolution, Venusaur, was weak against fire, ice, flying, and psychic types. Mega Venusaur does a lot to cover up Venusaur's weak spots. Aside from an overall attack and defense boost, Mega Venusaur gains the ability "thick fat," which protects him against fire and ice type moves, two of Venusaur's main weaknesses. Because of this ability, Mega Venusaur can finally get revenge on those pesky fire and water types that stole his limelight.

5. Mega Charizard Y

Number five on our list is the mega evolution for Charizard. You know, the one that nobody uses. Even though Mega Charizard X is great, it's popularity is largely undeserved as Mega Charizard Y has plenty of advantages too. Instead of having a physical/special attack split like Mega Charizard X, Mega Charizard Y places all of its attack power to special. Mega Charizard Y also has the ability "drought," which bathes the battlefield in sunlight. These factors allow Mega Charizard Y to use fire-type specials to a devastating degree and take reduced damage from water attacks. He can also use solarbeam to destroy water and rock types with little effort. Even though this Charizard mega evolution is underplayed, he certainly isn't underpowered.

4. Mega Gengar

Just like a normal Gengar, Mega Gengar is a tricky foe to face. Along with an incredible increase in special attack, Mega Gengar gains the ability "shadow tag," an ability previously only known by Wobbuffet and the Gothita family. Shadow tag prevents the opponent from fleeing or switching out Pokemon, a useful skill to ensure that your opponent has no escape from Mega Gengar's pumped up shadow ball attack. The only reason that Gengar isn't higher on this list is because he loses levitate and gains a weakness to ground type attacks. However, in my personal opinion, Mega Gengar's new strengths vastly outweigh his new weakness.

3. Mega Blaziken

Mega Blaziken is simply here because of bias. Mega Blaziken gains the ability "speed boost," which allows Mega Blaziken to gain a boost to his speed stat after every turn. This, coupled with his amazing attack and special attack increase, make Mega Blaziken an intense foe to face in long battles. However, this isn't why Mega Blaziken is so high up on my list. He has the number three spot simply because his design is probably the most badass thing I've ever seen!

Seriously, you've got to admit he is cool!

2. Mega Charizard X

Number two on our list is Mega Charizard X. Since Mega Charizard Y was already mentioned, I think you already figured out that Mega Charizard X was also going to make an appearance on this list. And you are right! This mega evolution grants Charizard the dragon type (finally), and increases his attack and special attack. Mega Charizard X also gains the ability "tough claws," which boosts the damage of all physical attacks by 30 percent. However, the major influence for his spot in this list is his inclusion in "Super Smash Bros 4 Wii U and 3DS."

Mega Charizard X > Triple Finish any day.

And finally, here is number one!

1. Mega Lucario

Mega Lucario is the embodiment of everything that is great about a mega evolution. Not only does Mega Lucario have an awesome design, he has a healthy stat boost to every stat and he gains the ability "adaptability." This ability boosts every STAB move that Mega Lucario uses. In short, this means that every fighting or steel type attack that Mega Lucario dishes out does super-effective damage to enemies. Along with Mega Charizard X, Mega Lucario also makes an appearance in Smash 4, and he. is. glorious!

Well, those are my top 10 Pokemon mega evolutions for Pokemon X/Y. Was there somebody on this list you wanted to see? Leave a comment and tell me who you think is the best mega Pokemon!

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Antonio Brown Vs. JuJu Smith-Schuster

AB's low-blow at JuJu has put a target on his back for the impending 2019 season.


Recently, Raiders wide-receiver Antonio Brown initiated a Twitter "war" after Steelers wide-receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster was named MVP for the 2018 season. Brown retaliated with a response to a tweet shared by a fan that sparked a fire and brought emotions to an all time high within the NFL fan base. All of which took place after the former wide-receiver for Pittsburgh previously tweeted "Keep your emotions off the internet" just hours earlier, acting as if he is the herald of good advice. Ever since then AB has been nothing but emotional, even taking down a former teammate in the process.

Personal Twitter Screenshot

We've all been exposed to AB's attitude since he was drafted to the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2010, but it's gotten worse over time. Still, Pittsburgh fans disregarded his actions for a while because of his skills on the field and million dollar smile. His charm and endless pictures of his children always, if not most of the time, managed to get the fans of Steeler Nation to turn a blind eye to his mischievous ways- at least until the past few seasons. It seemed that his attitude had gotten worse, along with his sense of entitlement and spreading of hate and jealousy toward his fellow players. His attitude and purposeful actions eventually granted his wish of being traded from the Steelers, ending up as the Raiders' new wide-receiver. Ever since the trade, his ruthless attitude and ongoing hypocrisy continues to ascend to greater levels than before, after JuJu fired back at Antonio with a dose of his own medicine.

Personal Twitter Screenshot

Immediately following, JuJu expressed the betrayal and disrespect he received, regardless of the fact that he practically idolized AB since he got drafted in 2017. The rookie MVP called out the Pittsburgh veteran for the size of his ego and ability to fire shots at people that adored him. If anything, this debacle was an enlightening event for the young WR and is now aware of what kind of person his former idol is.

Personal Twitter Screenshot

Following this, AB decided to take advantage of one of his known slogans #CallGod a few days after the fact. Instead of continuing his antagonizing behavior, he decided to quote the Bible as if it would excuse his initial shot toward JuJu. In doing so, he decided to carefully pick verses from Luke 6 in order to fit his own egotistical agenda.

Personal Twitter Screenshot

"But love your enemies, do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return." Luke 6:35, a verse that is visibly ignored to avoid contradictions for his recent actions. As we can see in the tweet thread, fans are recognizing the hypocrisy that Antonio Brown is proudly exuding and are emphasizing it. AB's repugnant attitude and "preaching" has pushed fans to see that Brown will betray anyone who attempts to take his spotlight, regardless of him making the same mistakes in past seasons. The once-beloved, former Pittsburgh WR is ready and willing to place blame on fellow teammates but will very rarely take blame for his own faults. Because of this trait and actions that have followed, Brown now has a target on his back for the 2019 season.

Personal Twitter Screenshot

The NFC is ready to avenge JuJu Smith-Schuster and I don't believe Antonio realizes what he's gotten himself into. It's no secret that Brown has quick feet and can run across the field with great speed and agility, but people always find a way when rage drives them. It seems as if JuJu has great support across the entirety of the NFL, regardless of rivalries that exist.

Let's remember: Antonio Brown was in his prime with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Raiders are getting the aftermath that won't last much longer. It wouldn't surprise me if the Raiders make arrangements for someone to buy-out his three-year contract if his attitude doesn't improve. No team, no coach, will tolerate Antonio longer than Coach Tomlin did. Regardless, AB better start taking his "Call God" slogan seriously because he might need the Big-Man soon if he continues his disgusting and childish shenanigans.


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