Tools For Wire Stripping
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Tools For Wire Stripping

Different approaches to wire stripping

Tools For Wire Stripping

The purpose of wire stripping machines and wire strippers are solely designed to assist with the removal of electrical wire insulation, coaxial cables and other types of wiring. The difference in a wire stripper and a wire stripping machine is that wire strippers are usually handheld portable devices. On the other hand, wire stripping machines are crafted for industrial high demand usage. The specific job that you need to complete will determine which device you will use. Both wire strippers and wire stripping machines can be acquired in manual and automatic versions. Utilizing your bare hands to strip wires is not an easy task, and there is always the option to purchase cut hook up wire. These tools are here to allow you to strip wires with ease.

Different Approaches to Wire Stripping

The way people strip wires vary from person to person.

  • Cutting: This method of stripping wires is used by most people. The task involves you cutting the layer of material surrounding the wire. Once the outer layer is cut, you simply remove it from around the wire.
  • Abrasion: This is a very simple method that rubs away at the insulation until the wire is left clean and polished.
  • Chemical reaction: When using chemicals, a reaction takes place that dissolves away the outer lining. The wire is the only thing left after the reaction is complete.
  • Thermal removal: When using the thermal method, the casing is burned or melted without damaging the wire.
  • Laser removal: The laser method also completes the stripping process without any damage to the wire. This way of stripping wires is only used for special purposes.

Automatic Strippers Compared to Manual Strippers

Manual strippers are devices that have opposing blades like that of scissors. The mechanism is to cut. The method for using these is to place the wire within the notch or hole that best fits the size of the wire, and then follow up with cutting away the outer casing. Manual strippers come in different sizes to accommodate various wire sizes. Diagonal cutter pliers are a form of manual stripper. These pliers have fringed grips that intersect at a diagonal angle. These manual strippers are used to cut wires of varying types. Manual methods for producing stripped hook up wire are very useful and come in handy when you are in need of an easily portable device to meet your electrical maintenance needs.

Unlike manual strippers, automatic strippers complete the task in one gesture to strip wires. As a benefit they are much faster and easier at stripping wires than manual strippers. Though this form may seem more efficient, automatic strippers are limited in what wire sizes they can successfully strip. When dealing with wires of different sizes you must be specific in finding the automatic stripper that fits the size of your wire. Manual strippers are a better choice when handling wires of different sizes. Automatic machines have a range of important parts. The actual point of insertion for the wire to be cut and the moment the wire is stripped are important parts of the stripping process. As the stripping is taking place a blade shaves away the out layer of insulation. When the shaving is complete and only the wire is left behind, the wire is cut away for your future needs.

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