To The Girl Who's "Too Giving"

To The Girl Who's "Too Giving"

Don't give everything you have to people who don't deserve it.

You've spent your entire life being taught that you should be there for your friends and always be willing to lend a helping hand. At some point, however, that helping hand has turned into giving people the last surviving piece of your heart and you've destroyed yourself in the process. You've always thought this is okay, and you'll continue to think that until it kills you.

So, a small piece of advice; stop. Stop letting people tear you apart and have the last of you. You MUST learn to save some of it for yourself. Take a pizza for example. You and your friend split the cost of the pizza half and half but when it finally arrives, you decide to give the entire pizza to your friend. This is fine the first time, the first couple of times even. Then, eventually, you start running out of money and starve because you just can't stop giving. There comes a point when it's not worth it anymore.

Another thing; when are your friends going to start to give back? You spend every second of every single day making sure to do everything in your power to keep your friends happy and in a good place. You give and give and give but when do they come around and support you for a change? When do they reach their hand out to hold you up?

When you are losing a piece of yourself to them every single day, it's their responsibility to give a piece of you back when you need them the absolute most. Make sure that if you're going to give away everything you have, you are giving it to the right people who will eventually return the favor. An even exchange of lending a hand is an essential to having a successful friendship.

Don't get me wrong, giving is a good thing. Being there for your friends when they need you is a good thing. It may possibly be the most rewarding feeling that you'll ever feel in your entire life. However, treating yourself is also a good thing. Taking time to yourself is a good thing. Saying no to something that you don't want to do is a good thing.You're all too willing to give to your friends so why are you less willing to give to yourself?

If your friends can't give back to you, learn to give back to yourself. In the end, it's all about what's best for you and how you're going to get through this crazy thing we like to call life. Take it from a girl who knows this situation all too well, you are what's most important. Friendships can come and go so be sure to save some of your love and caring for yourself before you give everything to people who never deserved the tiniest bit of it.

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Living Halfway Across the World From My Parents Taught Me To Cherish Them More Than Just The Holiday Season

Take it from a girl who only see her family once every two years.


The holidays are creeping on us already. How did 2018 go by so fast? If you know me you know that I love the holidays. The winter wonderland snow, the Christmas songs, the smell of pine and most importantly MULLED WINE. However, it's also my favorite time of year because usually, I'd be able to see my family halfway across the world.

If you've met me before you've probably already heard the family spiel. I moved to America at a pretty young age without them and was housed and taken care of by one of my best friend's mother, which I am very thankful for. Without her, I would have never been able to navigate my life in America at the age of 16.

Ever since moving here, its always been hard to go home. I'm either financially stricken or I have obligations to work or school. I try to go back every two years, but even then I only have at most one month to spend with my family. A month may sound like a lot of time with your parents, for me, it's never enough.

Don't get me wrong, after a month in the same home with my family, I usually want to rip my hair out but that doesn't mean I don't want them around me. I've grown comfortable being independent but sometimes I do yearn for the emotional support.

I miss having my mother cooking for me all the time, my dad taking me out on trips, my step-father arguing with me and my brother just sitting there playing his video games in the same room ignoring my existence. Like every other family, we have our moments but because we're destined to be so far apart we cherish each other more than ever when the time comes to meet up.

The holiday seasons shouldn't be the only time you reminisce about the times you've spent together but it should be every day. The month before I moved to the States, I was 16 and eager to move out. After being in high school for three months in America, I called my mom crying and told her how much I missed everyone back home.

I spend most of the holidays crashing my friends family gatherings and the thing I envy the most is that everyone but me was able to spend time with their family during the holidays. One year I cried about it, but it made me think about my behavior towards my friends and family. With the short time I have to see them, I should treat them better because they are the ones who have supported me throughout my life and I hate ending a good time on a bad note. I guess being apart from them was good for us after all.

Cherish the time with your family not just during the holidays but all year round. Treat them kindly because they deserve nothing less than the best of you.

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