Tomi Fredrick And The Worst Week of Her Life

Hi, my name is Tomi Fredrick and this is the story of the worst seven days of my life.

And no, I am not being dramatic. I am being dead serious. As serious as I can be at this point.

Here is a rundown of how my seven days turned out:

- Wednesday: My parents told me they were getting a divorce after twenty years of marriage. Turns out that my mother never wanted marriage, it was too institutional.

- Thursday: I got fired from my job because someone claimed that I was stealing even when I did not. Nor would I ever steal money from a job because I love working at my job.

Friday: I crashed my car after the most epic party of my life, totaling the beautiful blue mustang.

- Saturday: I found out that my boyfriend has been cheating on me with my best friend since kindergarten for almost a year. Needless to say that love sucks.

- Sunday: I got publicly shamed at my church with texts that I sent my now ex-boyfriend and some very flattering pictures as well. See where this week is going? Think I am exaggerating yet?

- Sunday: My dad left with his mistress, (my high school math teacher!) and I was left with my hysterical mother who really did not want a divorce apparently.

- Monday: I died.

No I did not decide to kill myself after this horrible week. It was a series of coincidences that made me believe that nothing else could happen that would make this week worse. It did and I certainly did not plan it. I died from a mixture of life, a broken spirit and heart, and a tornado. Who would have thought on the worst day of the week I would die on was the most boring day of the week. From a tornado. In Alabama. I really think that God had it out for me that week.

This is not a story about how I am sorry for myself. This is a story on the worst seven days of my life, this is a story where I fight. Even at the lowest of the low in my life I still did not want to die. Over the course of this story you might cry, feel angry, pity me. I do not want that.

I want people to learn from my story.

This is the story of the worst seven days of the end of my life.

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