Tomi Fredrick and the Worst Week of Her Life
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Tomi Fredrick and the Worst Week of Her Life

Wednesday: Part Three

Tomi Fredrick and the Worst Week of Her Life
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I yelled back to Regan, "You heard me! My parents are getting a divorce!"

She finally caught up to me as we walked to our first period. "Like what do you mean? Your parents are like perfect. Is this another one of your Mom's phases like the time she thought that candle-making was a great way to make money?"

"No they both are mutual on this. Apparently that it was a mistake and the only reason they got married was because they were stuck with a kid." I could feel myself getting angry again.

"Girl, if you were a mistake then I was planned." Regan was the last of six children in her family, needless to say, her family wasn't planning on having anymore when BOOP! Here comes Regan! She just like myself has a flair for the dramatic entrances.

"Well if we weren't planned then our families would not have a literary and a math genius right under their noses."

Another cool thing about me and Regan, we honestly were geniuses. Regan could solve algebraic equations when everyone else was still learning that two plus two did not really equal twenty-two. I was reading The Divine Comedy while everyone was still figuring out the alphabet. This was one of the reasons we became friends; we both knew that we were different and we embraced that with a passion. No one made fun of us because we together were the best dynamic duo next to of course Batman and Robin.

"I cannot believe that they are doing this. What am I supposed to do? What if I have to move?" I could not imagine moving away from my best friend. From the life that my family has built here.

"Then you stay with the parent that will not move. I want you to stay because we have the plan on becoming neighbors and raise our children together. and grow old together, with our husbands of course." Regan pulled me close.

I never had a friend that was closer to me than Regan was. She knew me the best. I told her all of my hopes and dreams. If this was Grey's she would be my person. Because she WAS my person.

We carried on throughout the rest of the day. I was slightly starting to feel better. I went to practice after-school. Then I met up with Greg so that I could avoid going home for a little while longer. We always planned homework dates together. I could not for the life of me focus on my history homework.

"Did you find the answer to number five yet? I can't find it in the book." Greg was at his desk while I took up the majority of his bed.

I already knew what the answer was because I remember Mr. Gathers droning on and on about it in class like the Civil War happened yesterday. "Greg, I haven't even looked at the homework."

"My, my Tomi Fredrick not doing her homework. I never thought I would see the day," he came over and sat beside me on his bed. "Do you want to talk about your parents?"

"Not really but I feel like I am going to explode if I do not. You know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I mean if you want to talk we can."

"No, we gotta finish this history homework. The quiz is on Thursday."

I went back to the homework and for a solid two seconds before saying, "What if there is no such thing as love?"

"What?" Greg turned around so fast. "What do you mean?"

"I mean," I started to say, "What if there is no such thing as love? My parents had the most loving relationship anyone has ever seen. They are legitimately soul mates. And then it just randomly stopped. The music, the jokes, the feeling that nothing would ever change. And it did change." I started to tear up a little. "If this is what it feels like for my parents, I never want this. I do not want things to change. I don't want us to change. If we change then we get hurt. I do not know if I can deal with being hurt by you."

"Tom, I will hurt you." Greg looked at me with sad eyes.

I know what you are thinking but it is not Saturday yet. Hold your horses, people. This is my story; do not jump to conclusions yet. Back to the story.

"What do you mean you won't hurt me? Don't be an ass right now Greg." I started to move away from him. My mind started racing through the whole OH GOD HE IS GOING TO BREAK UP WITH ME! thoughts and then I felt like the world was complete.

"I may hurt you when I don't notice your haircut. I may hurt you when we get into arguments and fights. I may hurt you because you cry and I do not know what to do. I want you to know that I will never intentionally hurt you. If I do I will always say that I am sorry and beg for your forgiveness for the rest of our lives. You are the sunshine of my life and I cannot imagine my life without your rays."

I sat there and cried, happy tears people. Greg and I sat there and held each other for awhile before we decided to quickly finish our homework and, well, let us just say that some adult business was taken care of.

End of Wednesday.

See now when I finish a day I will tell you why the specific details that I decided to tell you with my handy-dandy recorder are important. For instance, I could have just told you that Reagan and I are best friends and that is that. I could have told you that Greg and I talked and then had a lively discussion afterwards.

I learned on that specific Monday that are important to my story. I want you, the lovely person who found this recording, to know that nothing is perfect. That nothing will ever remain perfect. It took me eighteen years to realize that. I mean yes I have had my fair share of horrible relationships but my parents always seemed perfect. But behind closed doors they were not. The importance of Wednesday is to know that though it may not be a perfect life is that of which you make of it. Please try to achieve happiness. Reach and run for it like you depend on it. You make your own happiness and no one else can take it from you unless you let them. That is perfection. It is your own version of what you want it to be. When that perfection falls though, make sure that you have people like Regan and Greg to help build you back up.

- Until next time everyone!

Tomi Fredrick

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