This piece is dedicated to the many hopes I have for the world amid so much negativity. I know it's not much, but may this give some small semblance of determination and will to someone who needs it. Keep your head high and your heart higher.

Today I hope the woman who feels lost

Finds clarity in a world that tries to control her down to her biology

May you find support within these words

Today I hope the child who feels unloved

Finds warmth in a world that implies they are not wanted or never will be

May you find a kindred flame in this message

Today I hope the person who feels defeated

Finds strength in the stars

May the cosmos be channeled here as a small guide

Today I hope a good deed is done unto someone who truly needs it

May they feel the power of love today

I say 'thank you,' in advance

Today I hope someone finds the inner strength they believed was never there

May you wield it wisely and cautiously

Let this piece serve as encouragement to your endeavors

Today I hope that a dream is brought back to life

May the energy that was never placed there create a pulse in the deepest of hopes

Today I hope any lingering doubts diminish without a trace

May you be lead to a happy and healthy place

Allow this poem the space to push you forward

On days that are difficult it can seem impossible

To maintain

To love

To be strengthened

To dream

To be positive

But I hope that all of these find you

And keep you and remind you

That you are so important and worth everything and more

In a world where things make no more sense than they did in the last hour

I hope, yes, today I hope you find clarity

That you latch onto that certainty and push forward

Allow my words to be an inkling of support in this wide universe

Today I hope you felt loved and encouraged here

Please take this energy with you into the world and beyond