Every once in a while, I catch myself thinking of you and how it used to be. Whether something happened that caused our friendship to split or if we just grew apart, I still miss the days where we were still friends.

Sometimes, I remember the way we used to depend on each other when things seemed difficult. Or the way that you used to make me smile as we stupidly went through life thinking we would continue to be friends. I wonder if you miss that about us too. Because I know that I want the only one in that friendship. I wonder how things would be if we were still friends.

I miss the way we used to be. Always sharing things and making every day special. Even if it was a Monday. I know I've found new friends that make me remember you for all the good things that we were. My life has been filled with love, adventures, and memories that I would never take back. I just hope that you found those friends too.

So here's to you moving on and living life. And here's to me doing my own thing and remembering way more than I'd like to admit. Maybe our paths will cross again. Or maybe they won't. But for now, I wish you well.