I feel like this has been a long time coming, especially from someone who actually tries very hard in school and then sometimes gets made fun of for it. I was definitely not of one those students in high school who joked around, never did their work, copied off other people, and then barely got out.

Okay, I lied, I will admit to copying assignments here and there but that's it! Unlike the majority of my high school, I actually really cared about my grades and I desperately wanted to get into a good school after my four years in prison were up. This is more of a rant towards the frustration I felt towards others who take advantage of others and do nothing to better themselves, rather than me writing a letter where I declare how I studious I was.

The first issue that calls for a major rant is... group projects! Just simply thinking about group projects makes my blood boil. There is no other assignment I hate worse than group projects. I feel as though I am the only one in my group to ever do anything. Other people don't even bother to show up to our group meetings, those who contribute absolutely no work whatsoever, or those who contribute horrible work and it honestly would have been more helpful for them to do nothing. The worst part is, your options are to either make up for the slack yourself, take the 'L', or snitch to the teacher. As someone who hates confrontation and gets uncomfortable with the attention, I hate having to go to the teacher. But, I am for sure not going to fail because of someone else. I care way too much to let my grades fall.

Another incredibly irritating issue is having others who consistently ask you for help. Now I'm not saying that I hate helping others (because I don't), but I really hate those people who consistently ask for help from me because they're too lazy to listen to the teacher, they're too lazy to do their work, and they're too lazy to even try.

One specific example that I can think of is this guy in my statistics class. So there are four of us who made a group chat in order to help each other and also sign each other in for attendance (oops), but there is this one guy who every single week, messages us and asks for us to sign him in and to send him the homework. I am proud to say that I am the only one in the group who actually has made it to every single class and actually finishes my work. I have gotten to the point where I won't answer the messages and I'll show up to class extremely early to turn in my homework so others can't ask to copy off me. I'm sure this is so shady and extra but also, I'm so tired of having other people copy off of me!

It really sucks when you're the one in your friend group to actually try and everyone asks you for help. I feel particularly angry because I never really ask others for help because I manage fine on my own. On top of that, I actually go to my classes, pay attention, and try! That's it, it's so very simple. I'm not here to say that I hate sharing my work and I hate helping others because sometimes I need help too. The issue is that it becomes infuriating when it's not a two-way street. I don't mind helping others as long as they help me!

It becomes frustrating when people cry and complain about their grades and how they failed a test. Well, did you study? No. Did you come to class? No. Did you take notes? No. Okay, well then what did you expect? The most surprising part is that people spend thousands of dollars, from application fees to the actual classes to textbooks, and they still fail! My parents would literally kill me if I had the nerve to fail after spending so much money, and as they should!

On top of that, grades in high school and college actually matter. Your highs school grades determine where you can go to school and once you make it to college, those grades determine your future! It doesn't matter if your major isn't competitive or you have easy classes or even an easy major! If a business or even graduate schools had to decide between someone with so-so grades versus someone who actually excelled, who do you think they'll choose? Obviously, those aren't the only factors they look at but the point still applies.

Furthermore, attending a party school like Florida State (or any other party school) also aggravates the issue. People would honestly rather blow tons of money of going out and drinking than they would on getting a tutor! People would rather waste their time getting drunk and going out than taking the time to see a tutor!

School is important. Your grades are important. The effort is important.

Side note ladies and gentleman: there is nothing more unattractive than someone who does not give any effort in school! I can't even begin to explain how much of a turn off it is! I don't care how attractive you are, brains matter! Don't get me wrong, I don't expect you to be a genius but at least try!

I get made fun of sometimes because I care so much about school. My friends kind of joke around about it but it's still hurtful and it's still annoying. As someone who tries extremely hard, studies for hours on end goes to every single class and take detailed lecture notes... I can afford to complain about getting a B! People think I'm extra when I complain about getting a B on a text or getting a B in a class but guess what. I gained the right to complain.

So anyway, the most important thing to remember is: please try in school and please stop taking advantage of those who do when you don't!