To The Year 2016

AT the start of every year, you come up with these resolutions you want to stick with but never do and everything falls through the cracks. That’s kind of how 2016 felt in a sense and that’s how it went. It may of went differently for some, but for the rest of the world, it may have been resulted just like mine.

The start of the year wasn’t so bad. It was calm, it was relaxing, just like for every college student is on a normal winter break since last year (see what I did there)? Then once you’re back in the game after break, things happen. By things, I mean it in one of two ways. You can either have a great outcome and that’ll be your entire year, you’ll start off terribly and that’s how your year will go, or one good thing happens, the bad crashes in, the good come backs with the bad trying to sneak in. That is what we call the lovely roller-coaster of life.

The more positive that comes out of your year the more you’re supposed to gain these amazing things people presented to you. The more negative given at your door step the more you realize that’s someone trying to tell you something (to basically shape up and get your life together). If everything is in between, it means the year wants to give you some praise but also wants to challenge you when you honestly don’t want to be challenged.

In all honestly, the last one has been me for the last four years (counting this year), but this year really got to me, it hit me mentally, emotionally and physically (in that order from worse to better). Physically I stayed in one piece, that’s probably the only highlight of my year I can bring up without bragging. Emotionally a lot happened and I believe that’s something challenging my strength. However, the more that’s happened to me the more my emotions kept getting the better of me and that’s where we go to my mentality. Mentally, I tried to get my life together, but again, roller-coaster came out too many times for me to do so.

So, with that, 2016, you gave me hell and back for sure. Every event you presented me with gave me a meaning of life and a lesson to learn so I can’t be too mad at you for that. In short, I thank you for sticking around and there will be parts of you I will remember for the rest of my life.

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