A Letter To The Warm Cookies In The UMD Dining Halls

A Letter To The Warm Cookies In The UMD Dining Halls

The dining hall's biggest temptation.


Dear Warm Cookies,

You are one of the worst and best things in the dining hall. The perfect dessert to grab on the way out of the dining hall and to munch on before heading to class. As a late night snack, nothing else is better. Unfortunately, there is such a thing as too many cookies. A frequent problem college students bond over is how every time we leave the dining hall, it seems like we leave with a warm cookie. During the meal, we think to ourselves, "I will not grab a warm cookie on my way out today." But as soon as we put our dishes away and head towards the exist, we always end up making a quick pit stop by the cookies, especially if a fresh batch was just put out.

For some people, the chocolate chip cookies get them. For others, it is the double chocolate. For me, it is the M&M; cookie. Whatever the flavor is, people are always drawn towards the warm cookies, even if we know we should not be eating warm cookies after both lunch and dinner. But per usual, the pull of the warm cookies leaves us walking out of the dining hall with yet another cookie in hand.

The warm cookies bring students together from colleges all over. After telling my friend at the University of Michigan that I was writing an article about the warm cookies, she told me how she had the warmest chocolate chip cookie today, and I told her about my sugar cookie. Even though we are 520 miles apart, the warm cookies at our respective dining halls bring us together.

So, warm cookies, thank you for being the ultimate temptation but also a big bonding factor among freshmen college students everywhere. As much as we complain about the dining halls, we are always happy to indulge in a warm cookie.


Freshmen everywhere

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5 Reasons The Mountains Are Better Than The Beach

Sorry I said it, but it's true


1. There's more to do

at the beach, there are only a few things to do, and they all pretty much come down to just relaxing, and while this can be, and is great, the mountains give you many more options when it comes to daily activities


2. It is not just seasonal

The beach is great... but only in the summer. The mountains are amazing year-round and are not dependent on the the weather. Whether it's mountain biking, hiking, skiing, climbing, kayaking, etc., you can always find something to do, no matter the weather or season.


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5. Still, have beaches

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