We've been waiting years for this.

And yes, I mean the nights where we can dance our hearts out on the dance floor while sipping on some champagne!

Whether you like to party or not, I found that being 21 opens a lot more doors for each individual in every aspect. You can go to a club and dance the night away. You can go to get appetizers and drinks for happy hour. You can grab morning mimosas while watching the sunrise. You can meet up with people for a quick drink after not seeing them for long. And so on.

This summer will be OUR summer.

The summer we've been waiting for since we were little girls singing Katy Perry and watching music videos. It all seems so long ago. We are now asking our parents to pick us up at 2 A.M. from the bars as we laugh on the car ride home about our crazy, fun nights. Time flies is what we all say.

I sit back and watch as I realize THIS is the summer me and my friends have been waiting for. We are finally 21!

Planning what time to go out. Planning what outfit to wear. Laughing at boys from high school we see. Dancing the night away. Singing karaoke. It's all such a great time.

Stepping into the bars in my hometown, I realize how much we've grown. We are over petty high school drama. We are having adult conversations in public. We are meeting new people. Times are totally different!

This summer will be the times we create our adult memories. The times we find out who are true friends are and the ones who push us to be our best each and every day. The times we laugh so hard we can't even stand straight.

After long semesters away at school, coming back home and being 21 opens a whole different social aspect in life. I can't for the memories.

Cheers to Summer 2019!