To The One That Has Known Me The Longest

There are some people who would argue that you don't really stay close to anyone that you were friends with back in grade school. However, I beg to differ. Sometimes you just so happen, by the grace of God, find one that sticks around through it all no matter what. Once you find that person, latch onto them and never let them go because they are the ones who will always have your back. So this is an open letter to the girl who I have known the longest.

We have known each other for 10 years now. A whole decade. We went through those awkward and somewhat horrible life experiences with one another. We grew up together and still loved each other through the horrible fashion choices of the early 2000s. Those days in middle school and early parts of high school when we were learning how to do our makeup and we thought that our eyeliner wasn't too thick, but in reality, it was.

I will never forget when we would sit across from one another and flare our nostrils in a code to help us with answers on hard tests (just kidding mom we didn't do that). Or the late night jam sessions in your car after football games on our way to Waffle House. Everyone in school basically knew that wherever you were, I wasn't too far behind. We were inseparable, each other's ride or die. We tackled through the silly drama, the craziness from the immature boys who did stupid stuff in class because they thought it would impress us, and all the hectic-ness that high school threw our way.

Now here we are, juniors in college and still going on late night food runs and jam sessions all while trying to not have a mental breakdown every day because who knew how hard college actually is. I am pretty sure there are those out there in good ole States who think we are "together" which makes us laugh and so we just go with it.

You are the one who I share the fondest memories with. The one that no matter what life decisions I decide to do, whether they are good or bad, you still love me and will be there for me at the end of the day. You listen to my rants over and over no matter how many times I've talked about the same topic. Even though we went through periods where we didn't talk much or see one another, God knows that you are meant to be in my life because we always tend to find our way back to one another.

As we prep for our last year(s) of college, and how we vow that we will make 2018 the year of Mack and Kat, I pray each and every day that we remain humble and kind. That we push one another to be the best version of ourselves but remain strong in our faith and to become God-fearing women and that we will take grasp of every opportunity, no matter what it might be.

I pray and vow as your friend to encourage you, uplift you, and love you no matter what and I will remind you of your worth and how amazing you are and that one day God will bring someone who will honestly have to treat you better than me. I will be your support system and to help ease the stress of life when it might become too much at times. We both have had our trials and tribulations with boys, health, school and everything in between. I will always be here by your side.

You have changed my life for the better. And I will always be grateful for your friendship. "A friend loves at all times." Proverbs 17:17
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