To the Ignorant, Freshman Me,

You should have known better, but how could have you? There was no hand to guide you anymore, you were treading on new ground; your parents knew nothing. Your professors, advisor, new friends - knew nothing. They did not know you, and you did not really know where you were to actually go. Your voice was still stifled somewhere between indecision and the daunting offices, and so - you let yourself get lost.

You let yourself believe that everything was going to be okay, you let yourself believe in the whole college idea: freedom.

That was your mistake.

You let yourself think that college was all about the ups and downs, the curved balls, shouldering it, and moving on. However, you couldn't afford that - I couldn't afford that. You should have taken a bigger step forward, and let your worries give voice. But you did not, and now, sophomore you is suffering from the repercussions of your choices.

Although, I digress. Yes, you should have researched your major more. Yes, you should have seen the dedication and sacrifice it entailed. Yes, you should have been more active, but at the end of the day, the past is the past. And not everything was a mistake, right?

Freshman year was a learning experience, and now, here is the future you trying to rectify your mistakes by helping out others in their college applications. Here is present you - me - reaching out to the future freshman:

Future freshman/college applicants,

Transitioning into college whether if you are a resident or a commuter will be difficult. It will be daunting, maybe even slightly traumatizing, but it will be an experience you cannot replicate anywhere else. However, while it promises freedom - realize that it is a two-edged sword. Freedom comes with a price and a responsibility which many fail to balance perfectly.

And that is okay, but before you jump into this dream of liberation, remember this when you apply to college:

SAT scores don't amount as much as your transcript; aim for average or somewhere close to it and you will be fine.

Research your major. Research double-majoring and duel majoring; research your field. Some majors are more strict, competitive, and time-consuming. Some will require you to sacrifice your time, and you have to gauge if you will personally be okay with that.

Don't compare your scores to others, get mentors, get help - ask if you have questions. It is a great four years that lies ahead of you, but it is also four years of your life that will shape your future and determine where you will go. So do what you have to do, and be as informed as possible.